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    As many are aware of the major music shops selling 5 NAXOS CDs for £20, why not grab a bargain and get 5 out of the 6 virtuosi albums by Swedish trumpet player Niklas Eklund? Five albums consist of a series celebrating The Art Of The Baroque Trumpet. A wide selection of music is covered with him playing natural trumpet. Another CD covers concertos by Hummel, Hadyn (played on keyed trumpet), Weber and Neruda (on an Edwards valved trumpet). The recording quality on these discs are better than a lot I have heard on the NAXOS label and to have consistently great sounding, musical playing at such a low cost must be considered.

    A brief bio. about him can be found clicking on the link below:-

    buy them here:-

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    ... may as well mention some other notable brass cds on NAXOS

    The London Symphony Brass (Eric Crees) have released three albums of Giovanni Gabrieli's work with many new arrangements by Eric Crees. Very impressive soundstaging!

    The other CD is of American music by Stephen Foster and played by the Chestnut Brass Company on period instruments (keyed bugles & saxhorns). Don't personally have this album but own another called The Mocking Bird and that is excellent. Sound clips available on link below:-
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    and DaveP will add a couple more maybe? ;)
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    I can thoroughly recommend the LSO Brass/Gabrieli CDs! All three are top notch. I'll certanly try the Eklund Haydn and Hummel on the keyed trumpet. Already have Crispian Steele-Perkins doing both on the Hyperion label. It'll be interesting. Every recording I've heard of either the Haydn/Hummel on the keyed trumpet sounds like a struggle against the instrument, despite the accepted skill of the players on old instruments (I've heard Friedemann Immer and Mark Bennett recordings of the Haydn on keyed trumpet too, as well as John Wallace's live rendition of the Hummel at the Proms some years back). Makes me think that there were mechanical reasons why Anton Weidinger's 'invention' never really took off! One thing I did notice on the CSP, Immer and Bennett recordings is that despite the fact that the instrument in question was fully chromatic, the trills sound to me as though they're all done with the lips, though not being an expert on the mechanics of old brass instruments, I'm sure there was a perfectly acceptable reason for that!
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    I can say without any hesitation that the Eklund recordings breathe fresh air in both the Hummel and especially the Haydn. The cadenza alone is worth the cost of the CD. NAXOS have been, for years now, getting top orchestras and performers to record for them and reviews by major magazines are treating the label with respect. Two additional CDs of great merit I bought at the same time is new music of Michael Torke, with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra (Marin Alsop) and Colin Curry (percussion, playing concerto called 'Rapture') and Bournemouth Symphony (again conducted by Marin Alsop) playing Philip Glass's Symphonies 2 & 3.

    Now, if only they considered brass bands ... :-?
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    There is also a recording of "Berlin for brass" (that's Irving, not Weill etc), also by the Chestnut Brass Company on Naxos, but not on period instruments this time!
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    Oh well, ... I may as well add the three other collectable brass CDs I have from the NAXOS label before you do Peter ;)

    Horn virtuoso Michael Thompson playing the complete Mozart works for horn and orchestra (this time , Bournemouth Sinfonietta)

    Canadian trombone player Alain Trudel (now playing with Battle Creek) has two albums and switches between alto and tenor.