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  1. IJK

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    Sunday 22nd June is the date set for the 3rd Ireland Colliery Chesterfield Brass Bands, Battle of the Bands in the Speedwell Rooms Staveley.

    If you would like more info or would like to enter please contact me

    at ian.knapton@pearson.com and I will forward you the information and rules etc... or PM me
  2. IJK

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    The draw has now taken place and this year there is 6 bands competing for the top prize.

    They are

    Strata Brass Band
    Hopkins Blidworth Welfare Band
    Deepcar Brass Band
    Shirebrook Miners Welfare (Unison) Band
    Stannington Brass Band
    Creswell Colliery Brass Band

    The first band will take the stage at 11.30am in the Speedwell rooms in Staveley and tickets are on the door.

    There is a bar and food is availble

    Hope to see you there
  3. IJK

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    The results were

    1st Stanninington brass band 133 points

    2nd Shirebrook miners welfare (unison) Band 128 points

    3rd Strata Brass 127 points

    = 4th Deepcar Brass Band 119 points

    = 4th Hopkins Blidworth Welfare Band 119 points

    5th Cresswell Colliery 107 points

    the points are the deportment, entertainment and music points added together.

    The best Soloist = Julie Thomas the vocal soloist from Strata

    Lower section band not in the prizes = Deepcar Brass Band

    Deportment/entertainment = Shirebrook miners welfare (unison) Band

    Band representative award

    1st Stannington band 209 points
    2nd Strata 193 points
    3rd Shirebrook Miners Welfare (unison) Band 179 points
    4th Deepcar 176 points
    5th Cresswell 156 points
    6th Hopkins Blidworth Welfare Band 141 points

    these were judged by 1 representative of each band. But the they could not judge their own band.

    It was a great day and on behalf of ICCB and Staveley Town council we would like to thank everyone for coming and all the bands who entered and look forward to seeing you next year.

    The Judges were Simon Kerwin (Music) Martin Thacker MBE (Entertainment) Michael Bagshaw (Deportment)
  4. IJK

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    Band programmes

    1. Strata Brass Band


    Stardust (Soloist Andy Smith)

    Swingtime Relgion

    Gabriels Oboe (Soloist Julie Thomas)

    Finale from Glorifico Eternum

    2 Hopkins Blidworth Welfare Band

    Strike Up The Band - Goff Richards

    The Flower Song - Snell Euph Solo

    Sparkling Diamonds - arr Sandy Smith

    The Day Thou Gavest - Philip Wilby

    Fire from “Gayaneh” Ballet Suite No 2 - arr Sandy Smith

    3. Deepcar Brass Band

    Barnard Castle


    Albion Treasure

    Beyond the Sea (From Finding Nemo)


    4. Shirebrook Miners Welfare (Unison) Band

    The European (March) Goff Richards

    Rhapsody for Euphonium (Solo) James Curnow (Soloist Jayne Mason)

    Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Kaye/Prince arr. Ray Woodfield

    Bui Doi - The Childrens Song (From Miss Saigon) C.M. Schonberg arr. M. Vause

    Pirates of the Caribbean Klans Badelt arr. Bruce Fraser.

    5. Stannington Brass Band

    Cortege from Mlada by Rimsky Korsakov arr by Gordon Langford

    Loves Old Sweet Song by Molloy arr. Howard Snell

    Buster Strikes Back by Alan Morrison (Soloist Richard Dowling)

    Stardust by Horgy Carmichal Arr. David Moore (Cornet trio)

    Bare Necessities by Terry Gilkyson/Leigh Baker (Soloist Lindon Bolt)

    Pirates Of The Caribbean by Klaus Badelt Arr. Ted Ricketts

    6. Creswell Colliery Brass Band

    Fascinating Drums

    Demelza (Soloist Sue Hare)

    Singing In The Rain

    Light as Air

    All That Jazz.
  5. bassmittens

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    Just like to say a big well done to all at Ireland Colliery for this contest. It is so well run, I think the format of the adjudication is great and the atmosphere is always really good.

    It is a credit to your band!!

    Many Thanks
  6. youngman

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    Ouch ! someones not very popular !
  7. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    What this? how does a band representative award work? Is this like the "I heard a lot of people in the audience/bar afterwards saying we should have won" type opinion?
  8. sunny_jimbob

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    Each band has a rep making up a band reps judging panel who sit and listen to all the bands.

    Another cracking day out, well done IJK and Ireland band.
  9. blasterbates

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    That's an interesting idea.

    I wonder how that would work at the Open - could it possibly lead to political voting a la Eurovision Song Contest?

    Big well done to my friends from Deepcar as well!!!
  10. Love you, Stannington Brass Band!!

  11. bassmittens

    bassmittens Member

    We miss you.....come back to this country!!!!!


    Cheers SW:tup

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