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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Capt. Z, May 13, 2014.

  1. Capt. Z

    Capt. Z Member

    Thinking about selling my silver Boosey and Hawkes Sovereign MB cornet from 1982. It's been a great player but since I bought a LB Sovereign from Trent Austin it's only sitting in my music room.

    It's still in very good conditions, besides some very small, almost 'none-visable' pinhead dings.

    Instrument is located in Scotland, but I don't mind shipping to the US.

    Looking for 600 GBP or $ 1000

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  2. somerset cornet

    somerset cornet New Member


    Hi, Is the cornet still avilable?
    also, can you confirm that this is a medium bore as it looks very much like the large bore 921 version?
    If it is a 921 it'll have LB stamped on the valve block where you would hold it


  3. Capt. Z

    Capt. Z Member

    Yes, it is a MB and I still have it.

    However, I just moved this week to Spain and that's where it is now located.
  4. somerset cornet

    somerset cornet New Member

    Drat!! I tried to reply to your ad last week but had to wait for the admin to authorise me to comment as I was not an exhisting member of this group.

    It is very interesting. I was confused as I thought that the medium bore version had a lever style trigger on the 3rd valve slide rather than a loop, which is what my current Large bore version has.

    I have been playing on my large bore 921 for the last 3 years or so and I think it's the best cornet I've so far had the oppertunity to lay my hands on. I am however now looking for a medium bore version as I often find myself unintentionally overpowering other players in my band and find it difficult to get a good tone when playing softly/higher notes and after embarking on a "mouthpiece safari" with no great improvement, I have been advised by our new conductor that a medium bore cornet may help in a smaller band.

    I was looking to spend around £500 but could come up slightly, although I expect that postage will now be expensive coming from spain and I am unsure about sending pretty much all of my savings to spain as with great respect, that would involve a huge amount of trust in someone I have never met.

    Have you thought about putting it on Ebay?
  5. Capt. Z

    Capt. Z Member

    I now play a new 928 LB Sovereign and this old 923 MB is 95 % as good as my new 928.

    I was thinking of selling it for 600 GBP, but am starting to have second thoughts. (one reason I did not bump this ad back up to the top on occasions)
  6. somerset cornet

    somerset cornet New Member

    I understand exactley where you are coming from, They are very difficult to come buy so if you are having second thoughts, you should probably hold on to it for a while. That is what I intend to do with my 921 for six months or so after hopefully getting a 923 at some point as I know it'd be really difficult to find another one as good as mine if I changed my mind.

    I played a besson 928 for a few months before getting my 921. I sold it on ebay as it kept collecting water in the 2nd valve slide, which was irritating. My 921 plays the same but is more solidly built without the water issue. (don't know what was causing that!).

    If you decide at a later date to sell on ebay of another safe method for both of us then do let me know as I may be interested if I still haven't found one.

    I will continue searching ebay for now.

    Hope you are enjoying spain. a darn sight warmer than scotland!
  7. Somerset Cornet. Sharon McCallum had one. Don't know if she still has. Might be worth an email
  8. somerset cornet

    somerset cornet New Member

    Thankyou born again hovis man. How do i find out her email address. I'm new to this site.
  9. somerset cornet

    somerset cornet New Member

    Thankyou, I have dropped her an email.

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