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  1. Frosty

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    Ian Bousfield & Alison Procter
    Trombone & Piano Recital

    Friday 1st July 2005
    St. Andrews Church, Bishopthorpe, Nr. York

    The Principal Trombone of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and former Principal of the London Symphony Orchestra, Ian Bousfield has for over fifteen years developed a unique musical partnership with the pianist Alison Procter. On 2nd of July they will be married!
    To celebrate this event they have decided to give an evening of entertaining music and musical anecdotes to raise money for the Church and Cancer Research U.K. The concert will be suitable for brass players, non-brass players and even non-musicians!

    To be at this special concert a minimum pledge of ten pounds per adult and one pound per child under 12 is required - this will be divided equally between the two charities.

    Reserve your place for the evening either by email: bishconcert@hotmail.com orcontact Marcus Bousfield on 01904 706970


  2. Big Gav

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    Sounds superb! Whilst at FaireysI heard him live during the Maurice Murphy tribute concert at The Barbican when Mr.Murphy first "retired" from the LSO! At the concert Ian played The Bluebells of Scotland. The performance was phenomenal and ranks amongst the best live performances I've ever heard first hand. I then had the privilege of accompanying him when he recorded the Bourgeois with YBS.
    This is an opportunity to hear one of the best instrumentalist, on any instrument, in the world. nI'll definately be there if I can.

    Gavin Saynor
  3. Sharpy

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    Saw Mr Bousfiled and Mr Lindberg at the Royal College of Music a few years back and it was an amazing concert. Wish I wasn't working otherwise I'd be there like a shot! A must see for any musician.
  4. Jan H

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    I'd like to add my experience as well. I saw Ian Bousfield together with Brass Band Willebroek last year in Brussels, and it was absolutley amazing! And he also seemed a very nice guy! (some members form the band told me the same after the concert)
  5. Straightmute

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    This was the concert of the year for me and anyone who missed it should give themselves a good kicking. Ian is more than just a virtuoso on the trombone, his playing has a lyrical, poetic quality and a sound to die for at ppp! And he's also quite an entertainer...

    I could have listened all night, but I guess he and Alison had stag/hen nights to get along to!

    I'm sure that everyone who was there will remember this gig for a long time to come.