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    Very recently released is Ian Bousfield's latest CD, which highlights both the original solos, and playing style of Arthur Pryor - Solo Trombone of the John Philip Sousa Band. This CD covers the well known (Blue Bells Of Scotland), the not so well known (The Patriot) and the unexpected (The Holy City).

    As is expected the playing on this CD is superb, and well worth the money just to hear the Blue Bells played at such a speed that the Union of Trombonists should complain. It's awesome, and highlights the difference between very good trombonists, and the virtuostic. The album is not just for trombonists though, any musician will appreciate not just the technical dexterity, but also the very highest level of musicianship displayed throughout.

    The complete track list is:-
    Blue Bells Of Scotland
    La Petite Suzanne
    The Holy City
    Thoughts Of Love
    The Patriot
    Love's Enchantment
    Non E Ver
    Fantastic Polka
    Oh Dry Those Tears
    Annie Laurie

    The album number is DOY CD212. Not only is the CD of the highest standard, but so is the accompanying booklet. This gives biographical details of Arthur Pryor, Ian Bousfield, and Nicholas Childs who conducts the Black Dyke Band on this album.

    Well worth investing in.
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    Thanks 1st Position for your endorsement of Pyror Engagement, a strong contender for a 'Solo CD of the Year' award I would think.
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    I would certainly endorse this recording: there's an interesting discussion in the booklet about the choice of style and instruments, and the combination settled on definitely works. Ian Bousfield makes it all seem so easy, and ensures the lyricism of the music comes through amidst all the fireworks.
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    I had this for Christmas and i cant turn it off.
    Im actually listening to 'The Holy City' as i write this.
    Its an absolutely brilliant recording and shows you exactly how the trombone should be played.

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