I was glad - Royal Wedding - My arrangement!

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    Title says it all really. This was the piece that Kate Middleton walked up the aisle to at the start of the Royal Wedding

    It is a bit of a tough/heavy blow but would be a good finisher! Not a pile of technical playing apart from a section for the euph/glock. The rall and rit is a little drastic in places (before C and in other places) as I can't seem to fathom how to get them to slow just a little when you play it back!

    A scorch file can be found at http://www.roughansilverband.co.uk/Iwasglad.htm

    If anyone would be interested in purchasing it then get in contact! I just emailed it to a publisher so will see if they like it :)
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    Peter, as a member since 2005, isn't brownrob also "our own"? Whilst Roger's charts are great (I have purchased a few) I don't believe it was necessary to point out the existence of this arrangement simply because he's a Mod on here or because he's a paying advertiser.
    (Roger: No offence intended - I just felt Peter's intervention was uncalled for)
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    Well in fairness there's also one by Philip Wilby for Brass Band, and 2 or 3 10 piece brass arrangements, including one recorded by PJBE.
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    Oh well... sorry for wasting everyones time!! :oops:
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    You're not wasting anyones time, personally I quite like the arrangement and the more variety the better. Keep up the good work :clap:

    Ignore those who seem to have a thing for nepotism on here. How much are you asking for it? Might be interested. :)
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    I was thinking £10 + P&P would be reasonable? Considering Wilbys is £25 and the other one is £18 :p

    Thanks for the feedback, I was getting a bit downhearted that nobody had even listened to it!
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    I did try, but there isn't a Scorch for Chrome so will do when I'm back at IE machine.
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    Chrome will use the Netscape version of the Scorch plugin quite happily :) I use it all the time.

    I just wish they would support Linux with Scorch :(
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    Yes, keep on writing, brownrob, but if your arr is for full BB and it`s competantly done, charge a more realistic price. Music just HAS to be purchased for `fair` remuneration, even thro` these troubled times. As a very rough guide, I would say £20 incl pp.
    And ask the purchaser, if anyone else takes an interest, get them to pass on your contact address to them, and not to photocopy it for an under the table `nod and a wink`.
    Do I see all conductors faces turning bright :oops: pink? :)
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    You ain't wasting anyone's time brownrob. I find it quite pleasing that someone has actually taken the time
    & effort to arrange music which they surly like doing. Your a young man that participates in an amateur organisation in N.I but has a very keen interest in composing/arranging. I could'nt be bothered in listening to others who comment like that, there's no need for it.

    my signature proves to be correct ;)

    Keep positive and stay focused, some day they will call on you :)
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    What he said. Keep it up !!
    Re "I was glad" we played this in Ely Cathedral last year with choir and organ - had to knock the brass off in parts but the finale particularly sounded stunning. Well worth considering using this (by any composer / arranger ) if you're doing a church-type job and there is a competent choir to hand.
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    Good man MoominDave an English gentleman translating my native language, never thought i'd see the day ;)

    close enough, you get the jist of it [​IMG]

    Is'nt google such a wonderfull tool :)
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    My office mate thought he was being so secretive when he wrote up part of his To Do list in Irish on his whiteboard... Alas, he did not reckon with the awesome power of mechanical translation into garbled English!
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    Rob, if you're thinking of selling your arr., you'd be wise to proofread it carefully first. I noticed a number of wrong notes (though the Scorch file was too small to read properly) and questionable instrumental registrations. Just trying to be helpful.
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    Hi Rob,

    Sorry if I caused any offence by my post, only I remembered the initial discussion when Rachel's arrangement was produced, and thought the existence of another arrangement could affect the likelihood of a publisher being interested in yours.
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    Great, isn't it?? Played it a few times in my youth. Needs 8 trumpets! (almost the definition of a great piece of music!!)
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    Speaking of great music in the Royal Wedding with arrangements for brass bands, how did everyone like Crown Imperial on the way out? :)