I think I must be getting old

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by stevetrom, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. stevetrom

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    Sat at work thinking about band I 'looked' round the band to see how many changes we have had since I joined (1994).

    2 players have been in the band continually since before I joined.

    1 has left (for a brief sabbatical) and since returned.

    1 left for a longer break and has now returned.

    Of the players that have left I can immediatly think of at least a dozen players who are no longer playing - what a waste of talent.
  2. Dave Euph

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    Happens unfortunately. Modern day family and work commitments sometimes make banding secondary to everything else, and it's frustrating because it affects so many people (we have at least 5 or 6 people who work either nights sometimes or are on call).
  3. tubafran

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  4. stevetrom

    stevetrom Well-Known Member

    Thats a pretty impressive retention rate, well done.

    Just out of interest has the grading of the band remained constant since '98?
  5. stevetrom

    stevetrom Well-Known Member

    The picture on our website was taken at the 2nd Section finals in Torquay in 2002, 12 still with the band.
  6. tubafran

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    Absolutely we are just as cr@p as we were in 1998 ;)

    No but seriously I would say the standard has improved - we don't contest - but we set fairly high sights on our concert music. We had some Championship players come on our Czech Republic tour last year and they thought "well non-contesting band; it'll be a doddle" - it wasn't.
  7. Bass Trumpet

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    A very interesting topic. So many bands have such a high turnover of players for various reasons. I played solo euph for Soham Comrades for a couple of years and when, at the second Area Contest I did, I looked around the band, I noticed that there was only two players left (me and the flugel player) from the Horns/Barits/Euphs 12 months earlier. The front row was 50% new, the troms 75% new and the completely different percussion section. Quite amazing that they managed to gel together and play fairly well - hats off to Paul Filby, MD at the time.

    I think in my banding career, I have played for 4 contesting bands, but I have noticed that there does not seem to be the same loyalty as there used to be. If you go back far enough into history, people did not necessarily move around quite as much in their lives and their jobs. The days of every member of a family playing for a band I think are long gone, as we have so many other distractions. People work shifts, teenagers give up due to peer-pressure/playstation and, with the demise of works/colliery bands, there is perhaps less sense of the bands' role in the community.

    I'm afraid that the above is merely an observation. If I had any solutions, I would single-handedly revive the band movement. All I can to is turn up to band practice and try not to sound like a drain! ;)
  8. tedmundo

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    Just how old are people when they give up through age?

    I ask because, at sixtynine years old, I'm trying to switch
    from being a fan and supporter of banding to learning to
    play an instrument. Is it too late to bother?
  9. stevetrom

    stevetrom Well-Known Member

    It's never to late to start playing.

    We have a euphonium player in our 'Junior' Band who learned to play after retiring from work.
  10. ian perks

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    Good topic this one Steve ;)
    Since i have been with Gresley about 6 years now
    New Soprano player but was playing cornet with the band when i first went to band left but soon came back when New Condutor arrived and what a BRILLIANT player he is to:clap: ,new back row apart from 1 who left but as come back within the last 12 months,new horn line up apart from 1 player, but 2 of the horns moved from cornet to solo horn &1st horn,Baritone section 2nd Baritone seat changed a few times i have had it twice and also 2nd spell on Solo Baritone as of now,basses Eb Bass Position 1 player left and Bb Bass player left, trombones always need 2nd trombone for contest but have got a super player who used to play solo with us who helps us out for contests :clap:
    That leaves percussion we did have 3 but down to 1 but we can always get percussion players in for contests to help our TOP JOLLY Player who we have.:tup
  11. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    Forgot to say as well 2/3 Junior members are starting to come through as well know which is even better news for the band as we can now see the evidence of what 3 years is starting to show from a group of Boys&Girls of which the majority could not play or read a note of music, just ****** HARD WORK by us dedicated senior members going up each Thursday to teach them and give our Band a future.:clap:
  12. NeilW

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    I think it may be just our area where many "give up", Steve.

    I know Terry is trying to prize a couple of people out of "retirement" to fill our cornet ranks...

    I know there have (and still are being) quite a few changes with us (Viv has been persuaded to play bass for the areas - I can't carry one in my car, otherwise I'd have probably been landed...).

    Its all a bit manic in the South East :)


  13. jingleram

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    Well, am only 16, but I still play in the junior band i joined 8 years ago as a wee kid! Am now assistant leader, and I am the only person left in the band from when I joined! For me though, this is good, as in the 8 years I have seen players progress and become more confident whilst moving up through the ranks!
  14. ruthatron

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    the youth band i play for has a pretty high retention rate, as do our training/junior bands. but, when people leave youth band, of those who aren't interested in music as a career, many of them give up playing. some of this may be down to the fact they play band instruments, but also because they don't know where they could play afterwards.

    TIMBONE Active Member

    Don Caiger was in his fifties when he decided to learn the trombone, (he had never played any instrument before). He came to me for lessons, and after a few years moved to Llandudno. Don plays 2nd trombone with Llandudno Town Band :clap:
  16. BbBill

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    With no other bands around for over 130 miles and with our average age about 15, our problem is we lose at least 5 or 6 members in the summer, due to players leaving Campbeltown to continue their further education. So its no surprise the band has totally changed, bar 7 members since 1999!! These members have been in it since the late 80's, but 4 of them have taken some time out for uni/work/baby commitments but are now back. So thats just 3 of us who have been in the band constantly since I joined in 1988!!!

    We've been quite lucky over the years with our "conveyor belt" system, where we're able to keep bringing in youngsters to replace the 6th years who have left. It is rewarding that some of the school leavers go onto join higher bands when they leave Campbeltown, a sign we might be doing something right in teaching them! Its also good to see them come back for a blow when they come home at holiday time.

    Although we have a high turn-over of players, we have kept pretty consistant. With 65 members just now, we currently compete in the 3rd section, but were in the 2nd section in the late 80's/early 90's for 4 years and then again in the late 90's for 4 years, (roughly, I cant mind!), not bad for bascically a youth band with 7 adults!

    I often wonder how our band would sound if everybody couldve just stayed and didnt need to leave the area......!!
  17. Charmed

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    I started with my band 25 years ago. Since then there has been quite a few changes, but working it out this is what i discoverd:-

    Of the players that are still in the band they have played:

    Over 25yrs 7
    15-20yrs 4
    5-10yrs 8
    3yrs 1
    under 12mths 6

    As you can see there are 11 players who have been with the band over 15years. I suppose in this day and age, that is not a bad retention!
  18. Pythagoras

    Pythagoras Active Member

    Joined Dronfield in 2002. Our lineup at Butlins will have 7 players who were there then and have been with the band continuously while I've been there, but also 6 players who have come up from our training band.
  19. Hornblower RN

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    I had a call on the weekend to return on flugel with Ammanford Band...I was on flugel with them when we won in Preston in 2001. I then had a quad bypass a month later and "retired". I then had a couple of years with Rogerstone and retired again only to return a couple of months later to help out in Ebbw Vale and Weston. Retired again then returned to Ammanford on cornet for Pontins 2004 and every contest since only to retire again at Christmas 2005. I'll be 68 on the 29th........and still loving it. I also play with the BSC (Port Talbot) Band simply to keep it going and lead trumpet with a mediocre big band.
    My mentor Roy Williams who played euphonium back in the 50s for CWS and Cory told me about a year or so ago that he finished playing when he was 80. I guess there are still a few years left in me.....and believe me it's never to late to learn
  20. julestools

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    I've been with BSB nearly thirty four years now, since I was a lad and I don't consider myself old at all. Only one player in the current line up has been there longer and he is only in his 50s. In this time we have had only three conductors; Joe, Brian and Steve but I could not start to count all the players who have left for one reason or another. Bad feelings tend to breed amongst players and even local musicians will travel miles to play to avoid "conflict". It's time some players buried the hatchet (not in each other) and made music.