I The Lord of sea sky (here I am lord)

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by satchmo shaz, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. satchmo shaz

    satchmo shaz Active Member

    hi all, I am after a brass band arrangement of the hymn tune I The Lord of sea sky (here I am lord)
    does any one have a copy please:p
  2. GJG

    GJG Well-Known Member

    See PM
  3. mattthebass

    mattthebass Member

    If you're struggling we have an arrangement penned by a former conductor which is quite good, I can photocopy and send to you.
  4. Andrew Norman

    Andrew Norman Active Member

    As it was only written in 1981 it is still in copyright - so take care....
  5. mattthebass

    mattthebass Member

    Ooops, never really thought how old it was, just log it in the memory box as a hymn tune so must be old!
  6. slaidpog

    slaidpog New Member

    I don't think the copyright issue is a problem if the music is used as a "one-off" within a church building for an organized form of worship, otherwise we organists and choir directors would have big problems with "re-arranging" new music to suit our resources.
    Its use in a concert performance (in a church or any other venue) is another matter.
  7. cockaigne

    cockaigne Member

    The "copyright issue" (or law, as it's more usually called) applies to any adaptation, alteration or reproduction (by photocopying, transcription or other means) for the purposes of any music which is still in current copyright.

    Copies may be made where duplication is required for internal use only (eg. for examiners' or adjudicators' use, for duplication where players are sharing a part, or where a large-print copy is required by the visually impaired). There may be other exceptions/exemptions, but I don't believe liturgical performances are among them.
  8. slaidpog

    slaidpog New Member

    Cockaigne - I stand corrected. I have checked my C of E copyright notes and you are correct. The only exemption I find is one granted to places of worship by PRS for music used (be it live or recorded) in "divine worship" only. (Concert/Secular events are not included.) Even then churches are encouraged to have a Christian Copyright Licence for reproducing copyright music and words into service booklets,etc.

    Apologies for my misleading comments.
  9. DRW

    DRW New Member

    I thought that duplication for sharing a part was also forbidden. Brass band music sets are normally provided so that copies are provided for standard numbers. If it is allowed, does the same also apply for say unison choirs; could they buy one copy and photocopy it for the other 100 members?
  10. simonium

    simonium Member

    Having worked in a music shop that supplied a
    lot of vocal ensemble music, they always purchased the numbers of copies required, or one or two more than necessary. By the time a 40 piece MVC ordered the requisite parts it was often comfortably more than a set of band music (test pieces exempted). the thought of copying simply wasn't an issue, nor did they baulk at buying individual parts. Music suppliers should have the online facility to order a single part and download to print from the comfort if your home, like Music Sales do at musicroom.com
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  11. Anglo Music Press

    Anglo Music Press Well-Known Member

    I don't believe this is the case. The fair dealing legislation doesn't mention adjudicators at all. In fact it specifically disallows 'reprographic processes'. ie it allows part of a work to be quoted for the purposes of examination or instruction, but doesn't allow copyright editions to be 'copied' (ie photocopied etc.). Certainly there is no exception (so far as I can see) that allows, for example, scores for adjudicators to be copied, which is what your post seems to imply.

    I don't even see a provision for 'sharing a part', but may have missed this, of course.
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  12. chris.neufeld

    chris.neufeld Member

    Provided that the church has an appropriate CCLI licence, and that the arrangement is for that one event only (and that event is an act of "divine worship") then it is perfectly legal to make a custom arrangement of a published hymn tune where no published arrangement is available.


    Unfortunately, the authors of "I the Lord of Sea and Sky" have opted not to be a part of the CCLI scheme and have to be contacted separately (as is indicated in the copyright information in the various hymnbooks that the song is published in).
  13. satchmo shaz

    satchmo shaz Active Member

    thanks guys, its for a wedding...................
  14. speedbird_agent

    speedbird_agent New Member

    Just wondered if you ever found an arrangement. I know this was a little while ago but my group has been asked to play this hymn in a church service coming up soon and it would be great to have an arrangement for brass or wind.
  15. pbirch

    pbirch Active Member

    Martin Cordner did an extended concert arrangemnet here , there is a singable verse in it somewhere
  16. hobgoblin

    hobgoblin Member

    The danger is that if you use a photocopy then the wedding may technically subject to an annulment. How terrible it would be if the young couples special day were spoiled when the vicar asks if anyone has any objections to the union taking place a voice pipes up from the back of the church stating that 'current legislation specifically disallows 'reprographic processes'. ie it allows part of a work to be quoted for the purposes of examination or instruction, but doesn't allow copyright editions to be 'copied' (ie photocopied etc.).' It hardly seems worth taking the chance for tha sake of a few quid does it?

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