I never know what to write in these things!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by JessopSmythe, Sep 9, 2005.

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    Pontyclun, South Wales
    Since I don't know what to put before I start, theses things always turn into a lengthy waffle!

    I'm Mike Jessop-Smythe or Piers Hallihan or Oi You plus many other names which won't get through the bleeper!

    I'm nearly 30 :eek: which means I've been brass banding for 24 years. With the exception of percussion, I've played in every seat in the band (including one interesting evening carol playing with Wem around Telford where I worked from Sop to Bb bass in one night!) during that time but I've been settled comfortably onto bass trom now for about 10 years and currently play with Abergavenny Borough Band in South Wales.

    I'm also a tutor with the newly reformed Ystrad Mynach junior band and I'm enjoying stick waving again after giving it up when I moved away from Shropshire 8 years ago.

    When I'm not playing with, teaching in or listening to brass bands, I work (in the loosest possible sense of the word) as a van and truck sales exec and generally mess around in my capacity as webmaster, PR Director and many other things for The Very Silly Society

    Most of the rest of my free time gets spent with the family, including James (or Jessop-Smythe II to his friends) who's 18 months old and loads of fun to be around. His future is mapped out already, after graduating from Oxford and moving onto a career in the front row for Wales or England (he could qualify for either) he's going to make a fortune as a sports presenter whilst playing virtuoso trombone in his spare time.

    What little time is left after that is shared between the long suffering Mrs Jessop-Smythe (Annie) and my adrenaline chasing hobby of attempting to avoid speed cameras whilst blasting my motorbike around Wales.

    I won't be at Pontins this year 'cause of a clash of dates, but feel free to buy me a pint at a contest, concert or tMP event near you soon.
  2. sevenhelz

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    hello you.
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