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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by BassBlaster, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. BassBlaster

    BassBlaster Member

    Yahoo, i`m going to my first rehearsal in 2 years, Thursday evening, with the 1st section pontins champions, Chalford.
    Hope I don`t split any notes oooeeeer, 2 years without playing and only 1 weeks practice, mind you being a BBb bass no one will notice, will they?.
  2. GingerMaestro

    GingerMaestro Active Member

    Woo Hoo

    Gareth don't forget to have the customry Half bottle of vodka before you go


    Great news mate and don't forget once you have got your lip back in . the transfer form is still waiting for you at West Mercia
  3. tpcornet12

    tpcornet12 Member

    Had you not played for 2 years? or was it just rehearsals you missed? sabbatical perhaps?
    I had nearly 18 months of nearly no rehearsal but was able to practice so wasn't too bad.
  4. BassBlaster

    BassBlaster Member

    No, I haven`t played for 2 years, working nights and no Bass to practice with, but the last week i`ve practiced 2 hours every evening at work, i`m getting there, by the time pontins comes round my vodka drinking will be perfect, sorry I mean bass playing, eeerrr. Yes Martin like I drink vodka, the very thought!.
    Chalford is only 6 mins down the road, so i`m all excited now
  5. MissBraz

    MissBraz Active Member

    Hey Gareth spoke to your neice today and she informed me of you coming back! Hahaha! Im gald to hear about someone else drinking a proper drink like vodka... Im getting bored of all those band light weights drinking lager!! Haha! Thats going to start an argument!! :D
  6. BassBlaster

    BassBlaster Member

    Oh God I enjoyed that, what a bass section, or should I say sextion, 4 blokes who could make the cover of Playgirl.
    The band sounded great, It is so nice to play again.
    Grat back row cornets!!!!!. MissBraz.
  7. MissBraz

    MissBraz Active Member

    hahaha! It did sound so different actually having four basses for a change! And i did think we did pretty damn amazing last night even with my fpp that stayed at fff!!! Haha!
    Glad your having fun!!!
  8. Tuba Dave

    Tuba Dave Member

    Hey Gareth
    Glad to see you are back playing again. Its been too long!! The banding world has been an empty place without a decent player like you.
  9. BassBlaster

    BassBlaster Member

    Ta Dave, Well done for the result at Harrogate, in difficult circumstances.
    And every body has heard about my Dad falling over in the Bath in the hotel with the hot tap running, he`s red one side and black and blue the other.
    See you at the area, unless your at pontins!!!!.
  10. Sop_Or_Bass?

    Sop_Or_Bass? Member

    Good to see you back blowin again Gareth :clap: . I wondered what the sound was coming over the River Severn last week.


  11. GingerMaestro

    GingerMaestro Active Member

    Is Playboy in Broadsheet now:eek:
  12. BassBlaster

    BassBlaster Member

    Cheers Niel.
    It`s been hard work, practising again, i`d forgotten so much, like how to make a mistake and glare at the other player, shaking my head when the cornets come in, mind you I don`t need to do that in Chalford, why?, because Martin aint there, hehehehehe.
    Good to see your playing still, though god knows how you play a sop, after years of BBb Bass, you must have weird lips!!!.
    Cheers again, see you soon.