I have knees and elbows....

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    ...and a nose and various other bodily parts.

    But you could gues that.

    Part 1 - Me in a nutshell

    Civil Engineer for Scott Wilson working on civil/infrastructure projects, involving a lot of former colliery site redevelopments and buisness park type projects. Live in Sheffield and play solo trombone in 1st Section Stannington Brass Band. Also play in Sheffield Symphony Orchestra (SSO) and Sheffield Philharmonic Orchestra (SPO) and regularly help out other local bands and orchestras. Am engaged to, and live with, Claire (aka YorkshirePudding). Teach trombone at Oughtibridge Training Band and try to compose/arrange stuff but not amazingly successfully. Like to play squash (when I have time) although not very good. Like to watch Rugby (Union) and support Bedford Blues.

    Part 2 - Key dates (musically speaking)

    1979 b. in Bedford
    1987 Learnt recorder (taught by Pat Radcliffe - famous mother)
    1988 Learnt piano from 8yo
    1989 Learnt trombone from 9yo - taught by Terry Hext, famous and famous father (Michael Hext was the first Young Musician)
    1991 Sang as Young St. Nicholas "God Be Glorified"
    1992 Joined Bedford Brass (non-contesting) - bottom tromb in junior band
    1992 Joined County Youth 3rd Orchestra
    1993 Sang with school choir on a recording for BBC Radio Five (pre 5 Live).
    1994 Got scholarship to Royal College of Music Junior Dept., taught trombone by Ian White
    1997 Toured Canada with Bedford Brass.
    1998 Started Sheffield Uni - joined uni orchestra (briefly) and jazz band.
    1999 Played for Beds County Youth Orchestra (finally after 5 years in the 2nd orchestra)
    2001 Joined Dronfield Band - First contest was in 2002 Areas
    2002 Toured Austria on Bass Trombone with Silk Brass Astra-Zeneca
    2002 Supported Silk in their victory at Torquay National 3rd Section Finals (definitely got the contest bug by this point.)
    2003 Joined Stanley Newmarket Colliery Band temporarily for their attendance at Dundee National 3rd Section (came 7th)
    2003 Joined Stannington on Solo Tromb
    2004 Played my first Whit Fridays with BOC Brass
    2005 Played in Birmingham Symphony Hall with SPO.
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    Tim is also unfeasibly hairy.

    They don't call him Furry Timboy Sully Yetiface for nothing you know.


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