I arranged Amazing Grace for band and bagpipes...

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by brownrob, Dec 4, 2009.

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    Well I am pleased enough with it as its the 3rd piece Ive ever written after a simple junior band march and another one but this has 5 verses and clocks in at over 4 mins... you will be pleased to know the bagpipes are in the last verse only :)

    1. Solo Euph with gentle cornet chords
    2. Traditional Red Hymnbook style verse
    3. More thoughtful verse with cornet solo and countermelodies
    4. Key Change, bass end take melody for a while and cornets play a fanfare
    5. Another keychange after a short interlude and then the sop gets a death sentence along with the euph and bari :)

    I wanted to try a few things and I think Im starting to develop a little but hopefully by the time Ive written 30 Ill be much better ;)

    The scorch file is here

    Would anyone be interested in it?
  2. Geraint_MD

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    Hi Mate i would be intrested just listened online and really enjoyed it

    Could you post me a copy of score and full parts By any chance
    So my band can try it please


    Geraint - MD Thornbury Castle Band
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    If you can e-mail me the Sibelius file, I will use this arrangement at Christmas.
  4. rosolino

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    Sounds good. Did you research the only keys that bagpipes can play in?
  5. tpcornet12

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    You should send it to the international tattoo committee - you never know. I could provide a contact if you wanted.
  6. brownrob

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    According to the piper who I work with in school, the pipes sound a semitone higher than written, yet they have no sharps or flats, and only 9 notes, from their G - A which is a little confusing to get your head round. The drones are an octave Bb allegedly!

    This is for Great Highland pipes, there are also brian boru pipes played here but they are a different kettle of fish!

    Thanks for the interest so far, for those here and the guys who PM'ed me, there seems to be a good interest in the piece! Having seen some of the remarks made in jest regarding bagpipes in other topics I was well prepared for a bit of pipe bashing here :)

    Its currently with Marc at emusic-online.com so hope to get it published soon :)
  7. brownrob

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  8. towse1972

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    Rob...Well done. The pipes sound very confusing to write for!

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