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    Name - Gareth Talbot
    Age - 16
    Location - Caerphilly, South Wales
    Brass Band - Lewis Merthyr
    Other Music things - see signature
    Instruments - Piano, Trombone and Percussion including drum kit

    That's all you need to know. PM me if you want more info
  2. Hiya, I dont know how anyone can play piano, i cant coordinate 4 valves, : ) You must be brill! welcome to tMP
  3. toddtoddtodd_

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    haha trust me it's easy if you start when you're 5!
  4. euphfanhan

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    Were you by any chance 5 when you started playing piano?? ;) Me too :biggrin:
    Welcome to tMP :tongue:
  5. toddtoddtodd_

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    Yeah it was either 4 5 or 6 and 5 is the average so I'm going with that! I find it harder to practice than my other instruments though :biggrin:
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    Hey Gareth :hi to tMP!

    I'd have thought from your username you'd be called Todd :confused: ... especially when the thread Title reads "I am Toddtoddtodd" in the forums list ;)
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    Todd's been my nickname for the past 6 years. And it's easier than Gareth haha. My friend Laura's msn address etc. is lauralauralaura_ so we thought it would be fun, and Gareth was too much of a mouthful. I also have Toddeth (a hybrid of both my names!) and punk_drummer999 when I want to look cool!

    Thanks for the welcome!
  8. tenor_horn_18

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    Hi Gareth, welcome to tMP.
    I've also been playing the piano since about the age of 5 and enjoy it, but i really love playing my tenor horn best. Sarah x