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    Hey guys,

    You know how hymns have one name and the tune has another?
    Like Dear Lord and Father of Mankind is Repton and The Lord is my Shepherd is Crimond?

    Well, is there one for Blessed Assurance? I've been trying to find music for it everywhere and wondered if it might have a different name!

    Cheers dudes and dudettes
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    A great site I often use when having to arrange hymns is www.cyberhymnal.org.
    There are MIDI's, scores, search facility, and... alternative names and tunes!
    Highly recommended.
    Oh, and it says that the tune is often just called Assurance, apparently...
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    Cheers bud!
  4. Brian Bowen

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    REPTON is probably the most common tune for "Dear Lord and Father of mankind" but REST has also been much used in the past.

    CRIMOND is the best known tune for "The Lord's my Shepherd, I'll not want" but not the only one -- "BROTHER JAMES'S AIR" has been popular. Beware there are other metrical versions of Psalm 23, such as "The king of love my Shepherd is", which is sung to ST COLUMBA and DOMINUS REGIT ME.

    I believe there's only one common tune for "Blessed assurance" and that goes by the same title, or simply as ASSURANCE.
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    According to Hymns and Psalms (Methodist Hymn Book) the tune for Blessed Assurance No 668 is BLESSED ASSURANCE. Phoebe Palmer Knapp (1839-1908)

    Hope that this helps
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    That should be 1839 - 1908
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    Blessed Assurance is Blessed Assurance in Hymns A&M
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    Is it? I'm not going to swear to it without checking my copies, but I didn't think it was in A&M at all...

    As a random aside, Blessed Assurance is one of the few hymns I know of where both the words and the (normal) music were written by women.
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    I've always wanted to know what Lloyd's called as an alternative name.