Huntingdon(shire) Youth Brass Band ?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Robin Norman, Feb 2, 2007.

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    Huntingdon, Cambs.

    About a year ago I moved house to a great village just outside of Huntingdon. Since I've moved to the area I've heard a lot from people in musical and non-musical circles about the Huntingdon (Huntingdonshire?) Youth Brass Band. Not being originally from the area I hadn't heard of the group but, apparently, under tutorage/conductorship of David Read and other people the band was 'great' and regular competitors and prize-winners at Youth contests amongst other things.

    Speaking to local teachers I'm told the band was in existance until about 2/3 years ago when circumstances (including the lack of a conductor) meant that the band 'folded'. I know no more than that and, based on what I have heard, seems to have been a great shame.

    Now I'm really settled in Huntingdonshire I would really like to know more about the band so if anybody has any memories or information I'd love to hear it either publicly on this forum or privately via a PM or e-mail (

    Also, as a secondary issue, I am now also a brass tutor and conductor of the Concert Band at the Huntingdonshire Music School and, in a recent conversation with the School Director, the subject of the youth band was raised. Gary (the school director) 'latched on' to the conversation and has raised the possibility of starting the band up again under the auspices of the music school (which is run by Huntingdonshire Regional College). He has asked me to become involved and, based on what I've been told, it seems like a great idea. So, if anybody lives in Huntingdonshire, Cambridgeshire or the East Northamptonshire area is under the age of 20, grade 3 or above, and would like register an interest if/when we get it up and running then, once again, I'd love to hear from you. The initial idea is, as before, to rehearse in term-time for a couple of hours one evening a week.

    I'm looking forward to the responses.
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