Humour - who's fifth?

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    Spotted on another site. Any similar stories from tMP-ers?

    A woman in a second-hand record shop spends a long time looking through the stock, and finally asks the owner whether he has anything by Vaughan Williams.

    "How about this, madam?" he replies, holding up a copy of VW's Fifth Symphony.

    "Oh, no," the woman says, "I already have that by Tchaikovsky."

    There was a story about Klemperer walking down the Kurfurstendam in Berlin one day with a friend of his named Mendelsohn. They passed a record shop and Klemperer decides to go in to see how his records were selling. The clerk appears and K. says "do you have anything conducted by Klemperer?" The clerk said "why him?" K answers, "well, I'm Klemperer!" Clerk rejoins, "right and I suppose your friend here is Mozart!" K, hardly able to resist says "no, he's Mendelsohn!" Apparently a true story....