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  1. Edit: please see most recent posts for current vacancies

    Huddersfield and Ripponden Brass Ensemble require a 2nd Trombone player for the Yorkshire Regional Area Contest

    We will be playing Prelude and Jubilate in the 3rd section and we are now rehearsing in great depth to give us the best chance of a good result at this years contest

    We rehearse on Monday and Friday 7.45pm-9.45pm at the Golcar Conservative Club and some of us tend to go upstairs into the bar after for a refreshing drink or 2

    We are a very friendly and sociable band and just require this 1 last seat to be filled to give us a full team for the contest and beyond. We also have a number of young players who have come through the organisations youth band and so this is proving to be a very interesting time for the band

    If any of you would be interested or know of anyone who would be interested then please let me know as soon as possible

    Thanks for reading

    Clive - Solo Trombone of Huddersfield and Ripponden Brass Ensemble
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    Hiya Clive, good to see you playing again.

    I have a number of someone who might be able to fill this seat. PM me and I'll pass on her number...

  3. Hi Everyone

    I'm delighted to say that Huddersfield and Ripponden Brass Ensemble have recuited a new 2nd Trombone player and this now gives us a fully completed team for the Yorkshire Regional Area Brass Bands contest at St George's Hall in Bradford.

    Thanks to the people who enquired and good luck to all our opposition bands in the 3rd section, lets hope the best performance wins and that the bands who play the best get the results they deserve.

    Clive M - Solo Trombone - Huddersfield and Ripponden Brass Ensemble
  4. Heres an update

    Firstly a Huge thank you to Abi and Malcolm who played 2nd and Bass trombone for us at the areas, you both did a fantastic job and I really thought we made a very good trombone section. Your both very welcome to come down again anytime if time permits you to do so, best wishes to you both in your future musical activites!

    Secondly then, as you might have figured out from the above paragraph, we need 2 trombones to complete our team as Abi is busy with her Uni bands and Malcolm with the Choirs he's involved with.

    The trombone section ended up being 1 of the strongest sections in the band for the contest and we didn't have a sectional or even a full team till a fortnight before the contest. I'd love to have 2 more solid players next to me so if you would be interested in coming down to us and see what you think then please let me know. We were desperately unlucky to be drawn last (11th out of 11) and I think this partially contributed to the bands dissapointing result of 9th, but surprizingly enough the comments made by Malcolm Brownbill and inparticularly Peter Roberts were quite encouraging, Peter saying that cutting out a few errors would have turned our performance from reasonable to very good, so this has been taken on board by the band as a positive remark from the adjudication, and we wish to try and make good progress starting from NOW!, so that areas 2008 ends up being a much more successful contest than areas 2007.

    The band has a sensible number of concerts and contests lined up this year and the programs and pieces we are going to look at seem to be 1s to really get your teeth into, especially for the trombones, I myself am trying to encourage the band to try out pieces with good trombone section work in it and this seems to be happening, so believe me, you won't get bored!

    No obligation to join straight away, just come down for a couple of rehearsals and try us out, we are progressive with a mix of experience and young talent coming though our own youth band, and filling these 2 seats will give us a full team again, allowing the band to do more successful jobs. We also enjoy socializing and make good use of the bar upstairs after :D

    We rehearse in the Golcar Conservative Club, 7.45 till 9.30, Monday and Friday evenings. PM me if you require anymore info. Thanks for reading!

    Clive M - Solo Trombone - Huddersfield and Ripponden Brass Ensemble
  5. H.A.R.B.E. - Vacancies Update

    Good Afternoon fellow tMP'rs

    Huddersfield and Ripponden Brass Ensemble has got 2 options available to them:-

    The 1st 1 is that we recruit a new Eb Bass player. Roger has moved back to West Yorkshire Police, and we thank him for all his efforts. Aswell as being a solid senior band player he also helped out the youth band on occasions and his overall contribution to the band through the years he's been here has been very much appreciated!

    Aswell as a new Eb bass, we'd also need a new 2nd Trombone and Bass Trombone (although I think there is a player being trained up on trombone but I dont know the situation on that 1, I'll edit this post when I find out at band tonight)

    The other option is that we have a shuffle round on the bass section, I move onto Bb Bass, making me the BadandBonkersBflatBassBloke ;) (wonder what the mods would think to that alternative long username lol), and we recruit a brand new full Trombone section (again though I'd still have to check on whether this player is being trained up for our section or not)

    So come on down to H.A.R.B.E. , trust me, if it weren't fun I wouldn't be there!, we've got a friendly welcoming group of players, virtually a full band bar those vacancies mentioned above, a great mix of experience and youth, we are gagging to get back to winning ways in contesting, and we have a sensible number of concerts lined up, PLUS we usually go up to the bar after rehearsal, What more could you want?!

    For more Information just send me a PM

    Thanks for reading

    Clive M - Solo Trombone - Huddersfield and Ripponden Brass Ensemble
  6. Change of plan

    The player being trained up is now being trained up for 2nd trombone so we require the following

    Bass Trombone

    Eb Bass

    It aint much to fill to make a full band so come and have a go, you guys would be welcome to try us out for Whit Friday if you like before deciding to join us full time or not, we need those 2 parts put in by 2 very welcome players, try us now you've got nowt to lose!

    By the way, could a Mod or Admin please change the name of this thread coz we aint Ripon, we are Huddersfield and Ripponden Brass Ensemble, Cheers!
  7. Hi Everyone

    An update with our vacancies are as follows

    Front Row Cornet - If good enough, the top seat could be available, we have fairly young front row and a leader with a mature quality sound and the technical ability required would be ideal to bring on this promising front row team.

    Back Row Cornet - The Repiano seat could be available for a player of a good enough standard but if not then someone to lead a very young back row, they are very keen but need someone to strengthen the sound and to add some confidence.

    2nd trombone - The filling in the sandwich, an inportant part here which we really want to fill, a strong sound is whats required, don't need a massive note range as long as you can fill the seat with confidence and help to make the trombone section the best in the band!

    Bass Trombone - A fantastic seat to take on, a big sound and good low range required to give the Trombone section completion and to provide the edge to the basses, come along to potentially help form the best Trombone section in the Yorkshire 3rd section

    Eb Bass - Our current Eb bass is a strong player and it would be great if he could be partnered with a player who can fill the gap recently left in the section. If your a strong BB Bass player, 1 of our current Bb's may be pursuaded to move back onto Eb Bass.

    With these seats filled we can become a formidable team and we have strong ambitions to climb back up the rankings in the 3rd section and maybe even push for the 2nd section. We have a sensible number of bandjobs coming up for the year and the band have a great social side and are 1 of the friendliest bands you'll come across. If this wasn't a fact I wouldn't be with this band!

    If any of these seats interest you then please don't hesitate to contact me and literally ANYONE is welcome to come down and see what you think.

    Thanks for reading

    Clive M - Solo Trombone - Huddersfield and Ripponden Brass Ensemble
  8. Huddersfield and Ripponden Brass Ensemble

    Hello Everyone

    Huddersfield and Ripponden Brass Ensemble are looking for a 2nd and a Bass trombone to complete the section.

    A Flugel Horn player would also be very welcome, and an Eb bass player would complete our team.

    Any other players looking for a band to play in would be made very welcome as we never say no to a player who wants to come and play and enjoy themselves.

    Also we have a bunch of very promising kids coming through the organisations youth and junior bands, and so if theres anyone wanting to learn a brass instrument or have lessons then please don't hesitate to come down.

    The Senior band rehearses on a monday and friday at 7.45 till 9.45 and the Youth and Junior bands on a tuesday evening.

    We are a very friendly group and are always looking to improve, we also have a very social side where we have a drink in the bar upstairs from our bandroom. If anyone would be interested or if you require anymore information, then don't hesitate to send me a PM on here and i'll be happy to give you any details you require.

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Clive - Solo Trombone - Huddersfield and Ripponden Brass Ensemble

    PS - I don't know how to find any previous threads for our band so thats why this thread has been put together. If you want to merge it in with the previous 1s then fine, do so.
  9. I'm DELIGHTED! to say that Huddersfield and Ripponden Brass Ensemble have appointed a Bass Trombone player!

    This is an exciting time for the band and now we just need a 2nd trombone to complete the section

    If you fancy being part of a young and enthusiastic trombone section that has the potential to be the best trom section in the 3rd section then come along to a rehearsal and see what you think

    If you might be interested then please send me a message on here for more info!
  10. Its a month now since the band announced that a Bass Trombone player had been appointed and in that short space of time he's gone from being a bass clef Bb/F trombone player, to being a very promising proper Bass trombone player, his progress is extremely encouraging for the band, and he's fit into our team fantastically well.

    So now me and Leo need a player to come in on 2nd Trombone to fill up the section. We have started rehearsing some new music for the xmas month ahead, aswell as continuing with half of our winter concert program, and we have our annual xmas concert coming up this week on Saturday the 1st December, in Lindley.

    Also there is an opportunity to come and play Flugel with us. You tend to find a lot of cornet vacancies about these days but not many Flugel 1s and so if you would like to make the seat your own then this could be what your looking for.

    We rehearse in the Golcar Conservative Club, 7.45pm till 9.30pm, Monday and Friday evenings.

    So just to recap, to make us a full band again, the vacancies are:

    2nd Trombone
    Flugel Horn

    If Anyone would like to come and try us out or come and play with us then please dont hesitate to contact me either via this website or give me a call on 07703006316.

    We rehearse in the Golcar Conservative Club, 7.45pm till 9.30pm, Monday and Friday evenings.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Clive Morris - Solo Trombone - Huddersfield and Ripponden Brass Ensemble
  11. Happy New Year!

    Huddersfield and Ripponden Brass Ensemble need the following seats filled for this year and beyond:

    2nd trombone

    Either Flugel or Solo Cornet

    We have a player who at the moment is happy to play anything on the cornet line or flugel and so we need a player to come in so that he can settle on a specific seat. The Principal Cornet seat could be available if the player who comes in is good enough and can commit to 2 rehearsals a week. If its a flugel player who comes along then that player will have a big part to play in this years 3rd section area test piece, the flugel part has some solo sections and exposed parts to be played.

    We also need a 2nd trombone player to come and complete the section. The player who comes to play will have myself on solo and a lad called leo playing bass trombone. We are both young and enthusiastic players who are capable of playing most of the parts put infront of us in rehearsal and so we now need that all important 2nd part putting in, the area test piece is not difficult for trombones but its parts that again are of a solo or exposed nature and so a solid player will be required.

    If Anyone would like to come and try us out or come and play with us then please dont hesitate to contact me either via this website or give me a call on 07703006316.

    We rehearse in the Golcar Conservative Club, 7.45pm till 9.30pm, Monday and Friday evenings.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Clive Morris - Solo Trombone - Huddersfield and Ripponden Brass Ensemble
  12. Last chance guys to fill the last couple of seats going for the area contest and beyond here at Huddersfield and Ripponden Brass Ensemble

    2nd Trombone and either front or back row cornet are here for the people who want to come and attend rehearsals twice a week, practice at home, and show a willingness to help the team and work hard to improve the band as a whole

    we have some irons in the fire but would welcome anyone and everyone who shows an interest in these positions

    after the contest anyone who would like to come down for a blast is more than welcome, we are a friendly band and never say no to anyone who wants to enjoy playing in a band, some of us go up for a drink after rehearsals aswell in the bar above the bandroom

    anyone who wants to play for us should get in contact with me ASAP!
    time is running out to sort out the player paperwork so please get in touch quick if you would like to play with H.A.R.B.E. for the 2008 Yorkshire Regional Area contest
  13. whos knicked all the trombone players in west yorkshire?

    we need a 2ND TROMBONE player to join our ranks

    yes we got a dissapointing area contest result but we are not letting this deter us from contesting. we are looking at entering the pogson bray contest, and a couple of other yorkshire and lancashire contests later on this year aswell as whit friday and the brighouse marching contest.

    we also have a sensible number of concerts coming up this year and we are looking closely at our program and making sure we keep it fresh and varied. we also dont say no to anyone who fancies having a go at a solo for a concert. it doesnt matter if your a principal seat player or someone who players the inner parts, if youve got the desire to try it, then we can give you that chance!

    we are also inviting anyone else who wants to come and play so if you want to try us out then go for it!, you will be made very welcome!
  14. Latest H.A.R.B.E. vacancies

    Hi Everyone

    From 1st December, Huddersfield and Ripponden Brass Ensemble will have said farewell to 1 of the bands long serving Bb Bass players as he is moving away from the area and so cannot continue playing with us.

    This gives the band a couple of options:-

    1) We appoint a new Bb Bass player
    2) I move onto Bb bass and we appoint a new Solo Trombone player

    So if theres anyone who fancies a go at either position then let me know asap!

    PS - If anyone wants to come down to have a go before the start of Dec. then please do so as it will give you a good chance to get used to playing with us and to know your parts, you'll be made very welcome and we'll buy you a drink after rehearsal!
  15. Morning all!

    The Mighty H.A.R.B.E. have a couple of vacancies which need filling a.s.a.p.!

    2nd bari / 2nd euph - the immediate vacancy is 2nd baritone but our current 2nd euphonium could move onto 2nd baritone if a new 2nd euphonium comes along.

    Bb bass / solo trom - the immediate vacancy is Bb bass but our current solo trombone could move onto Bb bass if a new solo trombone comes along.

    I'll cut to the chase here, I don't care what part I play in the band anymore, so I will play which ever part needs playing, if it means we can fill these vacancies.

    So PLEASE come along for a blast in our rehearsal. Just come down to 1 and see what you think, you don't have to make a decision there and then.

    If you want anymore information then just PM me on here and i'll get straight back to you with anything you require

    Thats all for now

    Clive - H.A.R.B.E. utility player/1 of the many assistant MD's
  16. Is there a trombone player in the west yorkshire area who wants to play at bradford's st'georges hall whos looking for a band?

    Well come and play for Huddersfield and Ripponden Brass Ensemble!

    Any trombone seat is available as we can suitably re-shuffle to accomodate the right player.

    Let me know asap as theres not long now before the yorkshire regional contest


    Clive - Solo Trombone/anythingelse Bb lol
  17. New Era, New M.D., New Times for Huddersfield and Ripponden Brass Ensemble!

    After a solid performance and an unlucky result and outcome at Bradford, we need a couple of players to come and complete our team as we have plans to hit the 4th section contests by storm this year

    Our area performance was a pleasing 1 and we felt we'd done enough to qualify for the final, or at least get high enough for promotion, in the end, 4th place failed to reach either acolade, but we remain positive and are now looking for players to play in the following positions

    2nd cornet
    2nd baritone
    2nd trombone

    If we can fill these 3 seats then we can enter contests knowing we have a full team on show, we were 1 of not many bands to actually turn up with a full band at the area, all our own players, none borrowed!

    So if you fancy coming down for a blast at the Golcar Concervative Club on a monday or friday night 7.45 till 9.30 then come along, you'll be made welcome and we go up for drinks in the bar above our bandroom most bandnights, 1st drinks on us! (and whoever comes in on trombone, I will buy the drink, so its well worth it!)

    If you need anymore info about the band or directions to the room or lifts etc then message me on here either in this thread on in a PM!

    2nd cornet
    2nd baritone
    2nd trombone
  18. ill help out on 2nd barri if your buying the beer!!!!!!!!!!!!!:biggrin:
  19. after a good stint with the band, Granville Parker has left us for banding pastures closer to his home

    always put in a great effort at rehearsals and jobs and from me and the rest of harbe, we wish granville all the best for the future

    this then opens up a fresh vacancy at harbe on the mighty trombone line

    we've a young lad Jacob whos come in on 2nd and done pretty well so far (tackled talisman after a fortnight with us), and I'm contemplating on having a blast on Bass Trombone as I can only commit to the friday rehearsal due to working a late shift on a monday, this is freeing up the SOLO TROMBONE position, so if anyone wants to take it on, or just come down and try it out, then please do, any trombone player is welcome to give it a go, the band deserves a decent top trombone player as theyve had 1 for the last 3 years now (ME! :biggrin:) but 1 who can now commit to twice a week and put in the effort to keep this trombone section a good 1

    I look forward to seeing you down at our rehearsals soon
  20. wheres all the trombone players?

    im really struggling to commit right now and i really want to have at least 1 if not 2 trombone players come along. 1 bass n 1 tenor if possible

    if you want any info on the band then let me know, or if you fancy going down to the band for a blast then go for it, we rehearse monday and friday evenings 7.45-9.30 at the golcar conservative club

    we've started winning 4th section prizes at local contests and things are starting to pick up nicely. the band are fully focused on winning next years yorkshire 4th section contest and before then the band are going to do some more contests and we've plenty of concerts lined up aswell.

    i believe that our MD is also looking to revamp the concert program aswell so this is a great time to be part of the band

    hope to hear from you or see you at H.A.R.B.E. soon

    Clive - Solo/Bass Trombone

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