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    hi all,

    always find these things weird... i'd say it's like putting a message in a bottle and setting it out in the ocean only to wonder if it'll ever be found.

    I'm new to here.. but have been playing for the past few years with amersham band. Prior to that had a long lay off (blame drink + university), with school having been the main precursor before that. Was mainly trumpet in school, with a bit of cornet or flugel horn thrown in. Was concert, jazz and a small brass quartet in the school and i played in all of them. Since coming back to it I played cornet (2nd's after a baptism of fire on 1st, where i couldn't hear myself think) for a year. Then switched over to tenor horn as there was a bit of a gap in the band + i was given an broken insturment from my brother (since mended).

    I'd say i'm the volume rather than technical bits,, but i work on those sections that get my goat. Generally 1st horn, but have been pushed down to second for the time being as i'm still not back to full speed or strength. That's beacuse I've been in a forced lay off for the past 6 months with a broken back from my other main activity.... climbing. The physio recommended playing again, as it helps with the strengthening of muscles. All i can say is thank god i don't play a bass!

    It's sometimes a struggle to get the balance right of band stuff, house maintenance, trips away.. but i'm 98% there for rehersals and that's a good start.

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    HI Dave

    Welcome to tmp, many congratulations on the weekends result, I played with Amersham in the mid 1990's so great to see an old band of mine doing so well.

    Say hello to Ann for me

    Best wishes

    MD Marlow Band
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    rodger wilco,, possibly will see her tonight for belated celebrations.
  4. Independent Silver Band

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    Hello from the U.S. and welcome to TMP

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