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    Hi there! Registered on this site a long time ago, but never got round to posting... whoops!

    Anyway, this summer I've been trying to get back into tuba. At high school I played Alto Sax for 6 years, and in my final year took up Eb Tuba (learning it in Treble clef to save time & effort), progressing very quickly to a decent level. After I finished at school, I was left with no tuba to play, and no group to play in. Later on I managed to get hold of a cheap salvation army Bb Tuba, and this summer have been relearning the tuba... It's quite strange learning essentially the same instrument, but this time I'm learning it on Bass Clef (meaning new fingerings, as well as learning how to read bass clef... ). Suffice it to say, a frustrating project ;)

    Anyway, thought I'd have another look round these forums and see whats what. I'm at university now, and maybe when term starts again I'll try joining a band. Theres, as far as I can see, no non-university Bands in this town (St Andrews). And maybe they'll have a decent tuba I can use ;)
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    Good luck - at least if you learn to play in BC and TC on both instruments you will have a wide range of options
    and it's not that hard to learn if you put your mind to it.
    Enjoy your summer.
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    Thanks Andrew :) The trick will be trying not to get too confused if I end up switching between instruments!

    MoominDave - Thanks for the link. Unfortunately I've no car, and public transport doesn't lend itself well to lugging a Bb bass around a county, so I'll have to find something in town.
    The university Music Society has a bunch of different groups - including orchestra, wind band, and I'm reasonably sure a brass band (though what styles, I'm not entirely confident on). Their webpage leaves a lot to be desired -

    Right now I'm trying to find sheet music thats at an easy enough level to help my relearn the basics - all my pre-existing music is in treble clef (or for Trombone, so written an octave higher).