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  1. Hi everyone! I'm an old retired guy who started out life as a (French) Horn player, and transitioned to Tenor (Alto) Horn in later days. I've been playing one form of Alto Horn or another for about 30 years now. More, if you count the years I played the Horn and kept an Alto around just for fun. My first Alto was a York I picked up somewhere in the Los Angeles area. I think it was at one of those downtown pawn shops in the 1960s. That's the horn I had fun with during my college years. Incidentally, I recall it sounded great playing duets with a friend who played a Soprano Saxophone. Anyway, I bought my first serious Alto (Tenor) Horn from a Los Angeles distributor for Miraphone who was selling a show demonstrator Miraphone Alto Horn. I played the dickens out of that horn, and I still have it. Then, about eight years ago I bought and restored an old Triumphonic Tenor Horn made by the Salvation Army. I play it regularly, and it is in new looking condition. It's a good instrument, and I enjoy it. About four years ago I scored a great old CG Conn New Wonder Alto Horn (1918) on eBay. I haven't restored it (yet) but the only thing wrong with it is the worn silver finish. It's a kick to play! Just for fun I have an old Holton Hat Box Melophone. It's pretty funny. And recently I've ordered a Yamaha Neo Tenor Horn in silver. I'll be excited to get it sometime in February.

    I've given up playing in groups. I guess I'm just one of those rugged individualists who doesn't play well with others. But I love to play my horns. I spend a lot of time playing Bach, usually one or more of the Suites for Unaccompanied Cello. I have books of concert etudes that I've come to love. And I play a lot of the standard solo French Horn literature because I came to love it in my youth. Incidentally, I still have my Alexander French Horn, hanging over my entertainment center as a decoration. So, that's what I'm all about. Glad to have this forum available. I look forward to participating with you all.
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    Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
    Howdy from the great white north :) and welcome to tMP. I've been on here for several years now and generally enjoy the various topics and chit chat. I hope you do too.

    FYI, we're heading down to -19 Celsius tonight; had close to a foot of snow yesterday and overnight. Windy today and so very unpleasant here in Ontario. I'm about 60 miles west of Toronto. I imagine it's a little warmer in Vegas.

    I've mainly played cornet but spent close to a year on Eb Horn several years ago and really enjoyed it.
  3. Thanks John. I used to participate in another brass forum, but I think its gone now. So, I am glad to have found tMP. I stopped playing two or three years ago, then just started up again a couple of weeks ago. I'm surprised how quickly the embouchure, tongue, and fingers are coming back. It's my goal to get some solo videos up on youtube this year. That's something to work toward. My wife is ill, and I have to stick pretty close to home these days. I find myself more grateful than ever for my Yamaha Silent Brass system. You'd laugh out loud to hear us complain about the "cold" around here. It's been getting way down into the 40s overnight. I love the Cornet. I just can't understand why anyone would play Trumpet when a Cornet is available.
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