How will this affect my embouchure

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Craigsav83, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. Craigsav83

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    Hi folks.

    As you can tell by my signature, I play soprano. I have been asked to help out a wind band on tuba (I know - it is completly random) I initially agreed, but on second thoughts, I was wondering if it would have any lasting effect on my cornet embouchure. It is a week long tour with a couple of rehearsals and about 2-3 concerts, all in all not that much playing. I'd like to help out, but I dont want to do any permenant damage to my embouchure.

  2. brassneck

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    I would be very wary about taking on this job! The muscle and air support a tuba embouchure requires is very much different from playing smaller instruments. I'm not saying it would be impossible (as players have done it before) but if you can cope with minimal practice I wish you the best of luck!
  3. Craigsav83

    Craigsav83 Active Member

    Yeah I know! As things go at the mo, they dont have a tuba player at all - otherwise I wouldn't have considered it at all!
  4. Will the Sec

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    This may sound daft, but it isn't - as long as do not try to play the bass as a large soprano cornet, and then when you revert don't try to play the sop like a small tuba, you'll be alright.

    I'd worry more about reading that funny shaped clef and playing in thrre more sharps than you're used to! Make sure they let play an Eb rather than a Bb - at least the notes will look the same!

    Will (6 months on cornet, 3 of them playing it like a small tuba)
  5. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    Then my next question is how flexible is your playing? Have you played for extended periods on lower brass before? The thing to watch out for is lip swelling at first which also creates fatigue. Another thing is that the tuba parts will be in bass clef. How are you in that department for reading concert pitch? Lastly, is the money good? ;)
  6. Craigsav83

    Craigsav83 Active Member

    I have played both tuba and euph on occasions - but not since I have been on sop. I can cope with the different squiggle and the extra barbed wire at the start - I'm a wee bit rusty though, I feel a few wrong notes in the rehearsals ;-)

    It doesnt pay anything, I was going anyway on trumpet - but they seem to have an unusual abundance of them this year, its a week long trip to Amsterdam! :)
  7. brassneck

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    Well ... you are only young once! Hopefully it will be out of term and Amsterdam's a great place to visit! :wink:
  8. Craigsav83

    Craigsav83 Active Member

    lol yeah! It's the week after my uni term finishes! really looking forward to it! And I suppose one is getting older by the day!
  9. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    ... unless your band has a busy Summer season, then the risk might be minimal ... or you did say in an earlier thread that your band is an EEb Bass short! :rolleyes:
  10. Craigsav83

    Craigsav83 Active Member

    lol yeah! different bands I'm glad to say - fortunatly, they are more in need of a sop rather than another bass ;-)

    Fortunatly, none of the bands I play in seem to be particularly busy this summer.
  11. Naomi McFadyen

    Naomi McFadyen New Member

    GO FOR IT!!!

    The more you swap between the two the more you'll get used to it..... so what are you waiting for?!... get practising!! ;-)
  12. sevenhelz

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    definately go for it - even if you change your lip it shouldnt be permanent and like Naruco said, the more you switch the easier it will be to switch. my brother used to play french horn and euphonium :)
    have fun
  13. Laserbeam bass

    Laserbeam bass Active Member

    Alternatively, you could always subcontract the work out to your fellow tmpers :wink: