How, what and how long should i practice for?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by arniesarnies, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. arniesarnies

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    Hi guy's. i feel as if ive hit the wall with my practising. I sometime's feel like i haven't done enough or i haven't practiced hard enough. I play bass trombone and try to vary my practising as to not get stale. I usually train with hymn tune's for the first part, some interval/scale's work second then some piece's what we're playing at the minute last. This normally last's for about 30 minute's a day, Tues, Friday and Sunday. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday are my band practice's so i dont really train on them day's.
    Do you think i'm doing enough or is it that i'm practising the wrong kind of stuff?
    Ive been playing Bass trombone for little over a year. Before that i played tenor trombone but i had a 15 year lay-off. Maybe i'm rushing it abit or maybe trying too hard. I love the bass trombone and i have really progressed on it since ive been playing one.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated boy's and girl's.

    Arnie the bass-boner...
  2. GJG

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    Do you have a teacher?

    If so, you should probably be asking him/her the question.

    If not, you probably need to find one ...
  3. arniesarnies

    arniesarnies Member

    I haven't a teacher Gareth but you do have a valid point. They're very few and far between on the isle of man though but I will have a dig about. Thank's for your response gareth.
  4. hicks

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    Ask yourself what are the aspects of your playing which are weaker. Work on those.
    In terms of duration, I find relatively short, focused sessions can be very effective.
  5. onedrummeruk

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    Hi Arnie
    This is another Arnie who plays Bass trom

    I'm originally a drummer for many many years but wanted a challenge so picked up bass trom, I generally do the arban excersizes, but what i like to also do is play solo pieces, so at least I know the tunes and it helps with phrasing and articulation and general "musicianship", playing slow pieces like share my yoke to having a bash at faster stuff like Carnival of Venice (obviously slower than marked) but helps with moving slide at speed.

    Hope this helps

    The other Arnie the bass trom player
  6. arniesarnies

    arniesarnies Member

    Hey Arnie,

    Uncanny my good man.

    Thank's for your comment and it's good to know i'm not alone. Ha Ha...
  7. Elliebone

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    I find I get more out of my practice sessions if I do two shorter sessions rather than one long one. It does means that you need to warm up and cool down twice a day instead of once but this is good technique anyway. This is particularly helpful after a break or holiday as you can kind-of fool yourself into thinking that you have been back in practice for twice as many days. The key to me for enjoying practice is variety. As a bass tromboner you might want to look at the Bach cello suites for some interesting and diverse practice - some of them are in tenor clef though.Good luck.

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