how to spend an extra £100k per year

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  1. There's been some interesting articles recently in the national press about how short changed brass bands are over opera. Google makes the point well with some searching.

    I'd hope we might get an improvement from the arts council soon. So I was wondering, how we as a movement should best spend an extra say £100k per year? No fees at regionals? Full time brass youth worker? Funding for elite bands? Funding for non contesting bands? Bigger prizes at the big contests?

    Where is the need the greatest?
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    How many Bands are there in your region whether contesting or not?
    Or do you mean £100k for the whole UK?
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    Personally (and I already know that a lot of people won't agree with me here) I'd approach every regional committee and encourage them to try and resurrect a once popular local contest that has died out in the last few years. In the North West we've lost so many over the past 20 or so years, due to different circumstances, and it would be nice to have one or two reappear. I think once you try and divide it up between individual bands you're opening a can of worms.
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    Good call. Try and resurrect contests that would have a General Public profile though. Try and provide entertainment as well as catering for just the Brass Band Community. Try and get some Brand Marketing value out of the money you spend.
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    Maybe split into developing new youth bands to ensure brass bands future or maybe to promote brass bands on the tv (programmes, contests etc) which will hopefully get more interest in brass bands and bigger audience numbers. the extra money then, will help to fund the bands.
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    Commission new test pieces in all sections for the next Areas
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    Im sure a few of the "Big name Bands" will be able to justify them having it.
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    I've read the daily mail article and apparently it states £1.8m has been spent on brass bands in the last five years from the arts council. What has it been spent on, has anyone noticed? I haven't. So what is an extra £100,000 a year or Million pounds going to make to the movement?
  9. Many bands have received funding for instruments, projects and commissions. As an ex player you wouldn't have noticed.
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    I was simply enquiring, I haven't been out of the game that long., I haven't noticed any big impact and there is no need to be so rude
  11. I was thinking about how £100k could best be spent nationally. The reason for putting this thread together is I've spotted a couple of changes in the media which can only do us good. Firstly someone has finally had the common sense idea of inviting MPs who like brass bands to a big event and will present some kind of leadership of what we do. I know many people who play in bands see little point to having any central bodies, but the arts council can't talk to 8 regional committees or 500 individual bands. You have to be able to go to one place.

    Secondly, it looks like it might become accepted that brass bands are jolly good, and they deserve a bit more funding instead of being ignored and having all the money go to opera and other southern only high end art forms. Brass bands are a british institution and if we can get that message to our elected leaders we might have a better future.
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    These people might be surprised to hear that professional opera is "Southern only". As might these.

    And of course there's no need to point out to somebody who does their banding just up the road that there are plenty of Southern brass bands - I only mention it because various others who have commented on this in various places have needed that pointing out, and it can't hurt the debate to have that made explicit.
  13. Dave -fair point. Opera is national. Still don't like it!
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    £100K for the bandroom?
    Put it behind the bar then, once you have drunk your way through it (the next evening!) you can go back to paying regular prices.

    As a (slightly) more serious suggestion - put on a concert series in a decent venue, employ top-level soloists for each instrument (during the series) and invite all local young brass students to come along and experience a brass concert for free (or minimal pricing). Have a massed participation finale, use the events to inspire the next generation of brass players and show their parents that playing brass is enjoyable.
    All monies left over (or raised) should then be used to support the youth brass movement
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    A few days ago in rehearsal we played some great classical and popular music arrangements that most non-banders’ could just sit and enjoy listening to whether in the park or the concert hall. No fancy test pieces or showing off stuff just entertainment, great! IMHO money spent getting bands to play to entertain 'everyone' with a broad variety of music rather than just 'our' traditional stuff would be money well spent. If part of that change is through entertainment competitions then let the competitions be judged by people outside of banding whose business is to provide popular entertainment, let's find - or be shown - and play music that has a truly broad appeal.
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    Supporting youth is a great thing to do and I would never have learnt had free lessons not been available to me many decades ago. But we should not forget (to train/support) older folk who are new to or returning to banding, they have so much to offer - maybe both more and now - and particularly so to lower section and non-contesting bands.

    Many bands are struggling for numbers as they try to stay in existence or create themselves from a group of interested players. To help such groups it would be great if the brass band movement did more to encourage small group (say ’ten piece’) playing and promoted the entertaining music making that small groups can make given appropriate and tailored or adapted music.
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    Dear 2T

    I can't really see how encouraging small groups of old duffers like me out in public to play Best of the Seekers and A Ken Dodd Selection will do much to raise the popularity and credibility of brass bands.

    My band (the Pearly "B" Band) are currently banned from playing in public and to be honest we are more popular as a result.

    Surely if banding gets it's hands on a bit of cash it should be used to help every band bring in a Belgian for The Areas to level the playing field.

    Bob Van De Sherunkle
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    Ah, what words of wisdom. So impressed was I that many of your earlier posts on other subjects have now been read. It’s hard to say how fortunate the forum is to be guided by you.

    It is a shame for you that Pearly “B” are not allowed to play in public but ask again. If you all wear some very smart uniforms, look important, and mime along to a recording of the remarkable Pearly “A” then all will be well.

    I really support your idea of bringing some Belgians in to level the playing field, they are experts over there as anyone who has been to Holland will know.
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    There's Belgians in Holland? Thought it was Dutch people there.

    Those Belgians get everywhere.......
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