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  1. Hudd3

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    I am thinking about organising an Entertainment competition this summer for local bands ranging from Training bands to First section. Was going to get three local pubs to host, with bands playing a small programme at each, and getting adjudicted at each. The idea is to get some publicity locally for brass bands, have a social, and also try and get some more players into the training bands.... at the same time giving the bands some value from a critique of their playing (as well as PR for them).... and maybe some prize money if I can find a sponsor!

    Most things I can figure out, but currently am a bit short of ideas as to how to setup adjudication and what type of people would adjudicate (i.e. who to ask).... comments appreciated!
  2. mattthebass

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    I suppose the first question is what will you be adjudicating on, ie deportment, choice of programme, then the usual musicality etc.. So what i guess is do you need one or two people adjudicating and what skills do they need. Deportment and entertainment value can be done by a non-musical person, so a good choice would be the major or local councillor (they're usually free because it looks good on their CV!), they can be useful in getting sponsorship as they usually have connection with local businesses. Then the musical side could be probably done by a local championship conductor, again usually cheap or free as it looks good on the CV.

    Some one with sense will help you out soon! Good luck with the contest.
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  3. jockinafrock

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    If you know a well-respected musician, or can pay for a 'name' to adjudicate why not use them? But also think about using an every day member of the public, who has no connection with any band, and is not a player themselves, but maybe has a genuine interest in banding. We read so many comments about adjudications, and even Brass In Concert has come under fire in recent months, so why not involve the very people we are trying to attract, the public? You might get a better idea of what is perceived as entertainment without having all the musical knowledge/experience/preconceived ideas as baggage :)
  4. Archer

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    You raise an interesting point. I've read notes from adjudicators who didn't like an interpretation of a piece yet random members of the public have commented and said how much they enjoyed the performance compared to the others.

    It would be great to have some members of the public just give opinions on each performance of at an entertainment contest (or even a set test piece contest) just to see what wins and what people enjoy.

    I'd never suggest that they are used as definitive judges however it would be great for that extra feedback - especially in a day and age where concerts and entertainment of the public is more important to the bands band account than winning contest after contest.

    Cracking idea!
  5. jockinafrock

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  6. MoominDave

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    I happened to spot this on BBR the other day:
    Around the Towns Contest, 1976

    Similar kind of concept, so the idea's a workable one for sure. I note that the adjudicators in this case don't pop up elsewhere in the database (ignoring some obvious category errors from the 19th century under R. Hunt), so presumably weren't known for judging prior to the contest.
  7. Hudd3

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    Some great thoughts... thanks. Will see what I can manage.
  8. peterg

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    Some good ideas been talked about here.

    I organised the Brass in Ripon entertainments contest since its inception in 1994 and i am still involved. Its only a one venue contest but many of the same problems occur.

    Hudd3, I'l PM you with a detailed reply but for those following this thread, the biggest problem that we have to overcome is that of using bandsmen as entertainment judges.

    Absolutely right that we use `recognised' brass band adjudicators for the quaility of music part of the results. I/we have found that `players' find it difficult not to be very critical of a bands musical performance when they should be looking at their `entertainment' performance. I will fully accept that a band that plays well, may well influence `entertainment' judges to prefer them as opposed to one that doesn't, however, we certainly talk this point thro with those that adjudicate at Ripon beforehand. I am not saying that all bandsmen and women make bad entertainment judges, they do not. Some I know are very good at it and appreciate a good entertaining performance when they see and hear one. I also know some who think that musical excellence is king - not in this role it isn't.

    Local councillors/mayors/ business people who have and interest in music etc, carefully picked for their impartiallity and instructed as such are all fine. We also found that two are better than one to iron out the differences between them.

  9. backrow

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    Good luck with this. We had a march contest which we have had to put into suspended animation. No problems with bands, venues, adjudicators etc but we just can't get the sponsorship for the prize money so any suggestions welcome.
  10. Hudd3

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    One suggestion I have received is to use cups rather than prize money
  11. Backrowdiva

    Backrowdiva Member

    Or if you can get venue and adjudicator to donate their time/premises you could use the entrance fees as the prize pot.
  12. backrow

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    All good ideas, as we use our own club there is no charge but the ntry fees that an even will stand do not cover the sort of prize money that bands will turn out for. Perhaps I've just answered my own question there!

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