How to remove audio from video?

Discussion in 'Computer Corner' started by DMBabe, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. DMBabe

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    Hi all knowing oracles (and boffiny geek types) of TMP! I'm after advice for how to remove the audio track from a video I've just put on my laptop. Any ideas??? Have played with the filmaking software but wanna know if there's a way to remove the audio and use it for other stuff???

    Cheers peeps!
  2. FlugelD

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    Seem to remember doing this with audacity (available as free download) - loaded as Realplayer & saved as mp3, IIRC
  3. tsawyer

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  4. johnmartin

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    Depends on the file format of the video but almost any AV software will be able to accomplish this. Particular favourites are ffmpeg, avidemux or download a trial version of Adobe Premiere, open your video in it and then save off the audio track to a separate file.
  5. KMJ Recordings

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    ....remembering of course the various (possible) copyright implications of anything you do.... ;)
  6. DMBabe

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    Its ok..... it's a video I made of my band in concert last year! Surely some copyright nazi isn't gonna tell me I'm not allowed. Everyone in the band is over 16 so no child protection issues and most of them are waiting for copies anyway. I'm mates with the arranger of the pieces involved and he's fine.......... anything else I can get a slap for??? :dunno

    I used audacity along with a conversion program for mp3 formatting. Jobs a good un!!! :tup
  7. mikelyons

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    I don't wish to be seen as a killjoy, DM, but the issue of protecting people's intellectual property rights is very important. It's not a joke - it's theft. I object very strongly to being called a nazi, BTW. Fascist, maybe, nazi, definitely not!
  8. DMBabe

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    Sorry but Mike, when did u join this party? Job's done and I know that I had the right to do it! Which is why I asked here for software advice? I know KMJ was kidding but too many people on here take things too seriously. I know not everyone gets the copyright thing but credit me with enough savvy and experience to know when and what to ask for!!!! Thanks to Derek and John for their help!

    Chill the beans Lyons and step away!!

    Note to MODS: As far as I'm concerned you can close this thread it has served its purpose (getting me the info on computer software I needed). The last thing I want is for it to turn into another ranty battleground!!!
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  9. MrBb

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    Put the video into windows movie maker. You can then cancel out the audio and windows movie maker will save the move to another file for you.