How to: Register on tMP and start posting... Please read if you are just registered

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    Important information for anyone who has registered recently but has not received their tMP Activation email

    I have noticed today that there are at least 50 users who have actually registered here with us on tMP, but whose accounts are not yet activated. When you fill in the online tMP registration form, you should very quickly (within minutes of completing the registration process) receive a confirmation e-mail from tMP which you need to (1) open, (2) read and (3) click on the link within this email - which will then fully activate your tMP account.

    Very often these tMP activation emails get bounced back to me - such as in the case where the new users e-mail address is a hotmail address and their Inbox is 100% full. In these cases, no emails can be received into your email Inbox and subsequently you won't then receive the tMP activation email as it will have been bounced back to tMP.

    If you have registered with us but have yet to receive your activation email from tMP, feel free to get in touch with me via as I can manually activate your tMP account - and you can then start enjoying tMP and commence replying and posting to threads. You will also get access to areas within tMP that unregistered guests and visitors cannot access (such as Articles, tMP Fun and Games area, tMP Library)

    Hope this helps... :)