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  1. TheMusicMan

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    Here is a short tutorial that explains how to place any eBay auction as a clickable link here on tMP. The auction can be your own, or one that you have seen that you feel would be of interest to tMP'ers.

    Feel free to post all eBay auctions in their own thread in the classified section of tMP.

    Step 1
    Find a suitable eBay auction that you feel is worth adding to tMP. Then select the URL of this auction (in red) and copy it to the clipboard (ctrl-c)

    Step 2
    Navigate to the relevant section on tMP where you will place your new thread. I suggest the tMP Classified section.


    Step 3

    Select 'New Thread' and past the URL you copied from Step 1 into the thread body using ctrl-v


    Step 5

    When you save the thread, the content of the thread will contain a link that looks similar to this:


    Then you are done. You will have copied a link from eBay and pasted this into a new thread on tMP.

    easy eh!
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