How to post a trumpet without case?

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Capt. Z, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. Capt. Z

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    Not sure where to post this.

    I am planning to sell my Bach Strad. and Benge Pic. I don't have a case for the Bach Strad. except a big case from Protec for 4 trumpets.

    So I am wondering how I could post the Bach without getting damaged.

    I had it for a while at a local Music Instrument store in Edinburgh, hoping someone local would buy it and I did not have to post, but the local exposure is just not enough.

    Thanks for your suggestions and maybe even experiences in advance.
  2. GJG

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    Somewhere on the web, - YouTube perhaps? - I've seen a video demonstrating exactly that. Seem to remember it involved a lot of bubble-wrap and packing peanuts. Perhaps someone cleverer than me can find it and post a link? I believe many trumpet manufacturers prefer to ship that way, being of the opinion that the trumpet is safer than it would be in it's case.
  3. jennyt125

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    Lots of bubble wrap around the trumpet then make sure the instrument cannot move at all inside the package with lots of packing peanuts/newspaper. Also use a good strong box (double walled) which cannot be crushed and she'll be fine. :)
  4. John Brooks

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    A female Bach that must be priceless ;)
  5. Capt. Z

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    YES, it's a she and she is priceless and very special. Regular body with a 65* bell ;)
  6. GordonH

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    Here is how Monette do it:

    Wrap trumpet in bubble wrap a couple of times.
    Put in a double walled cardboard box with polytyrene chips - at least a few inches around everywhere.

    As far as I know they have never had an instrument damaged in transit.
    They say its safer than posting in the case - which they post in a seperate box.
  7. GJG

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  8. simonium

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    So in essence, precisely what Jenny said, but with the added brilliance of an unnecessary Monette reference?
  9. GordonH

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    Not unnecessary. Dave is a friend and has posted more trumpets than anyone else I know, so his experience must count for something.