How to install IE7 and keep IE6 (if you are so inclined)

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    OK, MS have now started releasing IE7 as an Auto Update feature and as from 1st november this will be automatically downloaded as part of Windows update. The thing is, IE7 will overwrite IE6, so if you want to keep IE6 AND have IE7 too you will need to do the following. (Taken from a leading MS Support Site)

    When you download IE7 it is going to replace IE6, so you won't be able to have both of them together at the same time.

    Here's how you can do it!

    If you already have IE 7 version running, then all you do is download the standalone IE 6, this is going to enable you to run both IE 6 and IE 7.

    And if you haven't installed IE 7 yet this is what you can do so that IE 7 doesn't replace IE 6:

    1. Download IE 7 from Microsoft, if you haven't already done so
    2. Unrar the exe file
    3. Delete the folder that is named 'update'
    4. Delete ie4unit.exe
    5. Delete spuninst.exe
    6. Delete spupdsvc.exe
    7. Delete install.ins
    8. Create a new text file called iexplore.exe.local and save this file in the same folder
    9. Run iexplore.exe to open IE 7
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    Nice one MM.. was going to figure this out over the weekend but you have saved me the job.
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    Not really a choice.. as a web developer I need to be able to support those that do..