How to get to Uppermill on Whit Friday?

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  1. MattyWrigley

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    Not sure if this is in the right thread as i've never posted on here before.

    My parents are planning on coming over whit friday to watch from Halifax. Uppermill seems like the best place to watch us as were likely to be there earlier on in the afternoon/evening.

    As theres traffic restrictions and such on Whit Friday, what would be the best way to get there from Halifax? Tried to make sense of the road closures on the whit friday website but struggling to plan a route for them!

  2. tat

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    Just follow the sirens until you hit the traffic jam.
  3. P_S_Price

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    Come and see the Violence inherent in the system!
  4. JR

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    I wouldnt recommend going anywhere near Uppermill - try some of the other venues, not so seriously blighted by drunken behaviour - Diggle or Denshaw perhaps

    Whit Friday has been all but ruined by this in my opinion - wasnt like this 30 years ago

    John R
  5. Thirteen Ball

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    Agreed. I can fully recommend against Uppermill. The last time I was out there the contest was stopped by the police for half an hour while they sent the riot wagons in.

    Tragic because it's generally accepted that it's not the locals that cause the trouble.

    Dobcross is probably the most picturesque venue, but Denshaw, Delph, Diggle (or anywhere else starting with D!) are all good too.

    If they're planning on staying late, may also be best to avoid scouthead. It can get bleak up there, even if the weather's nice everywhere else.
  6. classicbrass

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    If they want a proper spectacle, I suggest they get to Uppemill for the morning walks. Start 9 am sharp. This is the hidden part of Whit Friday ( the procession of bands up & back along the high street following the service on the playing fields is not to be missed)
    From Halifax the best route is A62 to Oldham then follow the signs for Lees (A635), following this road will eventually get you to Uppermill but you'll have already passed the Lees, Grotton,Lydgate & Friezeland contests. I'd suggest comIng over in the early afternoon if they can't do the morning. Park up if they can find some where, and listen to the bands before fatigue sets in. The bands that do lots of contest tend to start early. I've seen Briggus At Greenacres as early as 5 o'clock
  7. P_S_Price

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    Sounds like my Day - Watch the march at Uppermill, then Lunch and a quick hop over to Delph! for the contest. But if you are at Uppermill for the Marches; you reach Dobcross first; and so might find this stop easier.
  8. whitewitch

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    you are right about the morning marches. we, at Uppermill Band find them more enjoyable than the evening and they are a lot bigger spectacle. those start from 9am.

    last year uppermill was the second contest we visited, after greenfield. i would say we were there about 4.45 and briggus were a similar time to us.

    can i just say (for another year) that the troublemakers in Uppermill do not live here. they come in on public transport with beer in carrier bags during the evening. i live in uppermill and it is a sleepy respectable village.
  9. classicbrass

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    And to Whitewitch

    I did my first ever Whit Friday morning last year ( and my first band contests as well). It was so utterly brilliant that I booked the day off this year immediately after returning to work. If the weather holds until then it will make up for the previous couple of years. I'd agree that if you're a local and are able to play in a band leading a church procession, that the morning is far better than the contests in the afternoon.

    Lees Band
  10. classicbrass

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    Further to my earlier post - I'll try again with the correct road numbers (to me it's Ripponden road, Huddersfield Rd & Lees Rd - I was in the car having my lunch trying to do it from memory)

    So from Halifax travel to Oldham on the A672 (Ripponden Rd). When you get to Denshaw (Contest here at the bottom of the A640) you can either go straight on to Oldham or turn left at the fiveway junction ( at the Junction Inn ) onto Delph Rd (A6052) ( not the A640 which takes you back to Huddersfield). This will drop you right into Delph, but you will only be able to do this before the contests start.

    If you carry on to Oldham, when you reach the final road junction (near Tesco ) you can either go left on the A62 over Scouthead (contest at the Three Crowns pub) which will take you to the other end of Delph ( the end the bands march from). At the staggered junction you can turn right on to Delph New Rd (A6052) which will allow access to Dobcross and the North end of Uppermill, and Diggle if you turn left onto the A670 at the top of Uppermill.

    Or you can turn right, past Tesco to the next major junction, turn left , then left again on to the A669 ( Lees Rd ) which goes through Lees, Grotton, Lydgate and will allow access to the Southern end of Uppermill, Greenfield and Friezland ( all are within walking distance of each other if you feel like it ).

    Lees has a few chippies, a reasonable amount of parking (Co-op), plenty of pubs , but best of all is home to the Oldham Band (Lees) and Lees Band. We'll be pleased to see you next Friday when we lead the procession for Saddleworth Church (St Chads) in the morning, at the contests, or this Sunday when we'll be leading the St Thomas Leesfield Walks through Lees.

    Lees Band
  11. whitewitch

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    lol. it is wonderful isn't it. hope you enjoy it as much this year. lets hope for good weather.

    Angela Blythe
    Uppermill Band
  12. SteveT

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    If you can manage walking up the steep hill, Dobcross or Delph are better for spectators - Great Atmosphere!
  13. Bayerd

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    The best part of Whit Friday is the morning procession into Uppermill. It's all downhill from there (unless you're trying to get out of the village)...