How to change a 3rd trigger spring

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by city4life, May 18, 2008.

  1. city4life

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    Does any one know how easy it is to change the 3rd trigger spring on a besson 927 cornet.
    I need to give the band the instrument back and the spring snapped so the least i can do is change it for them.
    If anyone knows how to change it then please let me know.

  2. andyp

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    Short answer - not that easy!

    Tricky to describe without pics, but I'll try.

    First take up the tension in the trigger, then undo the screw at the slide end of the trigger arm - and keep it safe!

    Let go of the trigger, then undo the centre screw of the trigger lever and remove, note it's a grub screw so disappears into the trigger when tight, you need a small screwdriver for it (~3mm). You may need a pair of tweezers/thin pliers to remove it (keep this safe also).

    Once the trigger is off, note which way round the spring is before taking it off - if you put it on backwards it won't work. Take off the old spring and put on the new one.

    Now comes the trickiest bit. The trigger fits into a square U-shaped mount, the hard bit is getting it to stay in while you put the grub screw back in.
    I've found it best to push the trigger in from above, watching that the two spring ends stay above the mounting, if they go below it it won't work. Once it's lined up push the grub screw through, being careful that trigger is square in the U or the screw won't line up with the hole on the other side.

    It helps if you are an octopus with thin fingers and the patience of a saint.........

    If you manage that OK, then just pull the trigger till the slide end screw lines up, then fit that one and hopefully that's it!

    **Important - never force or overtighten any screws on instruments - they're brass and snap very easily!**

    Quick tip - if you put a tiny bit of Vaseline on the threads of the screws they go in easier and won't corrode or stick next time you need to undo them.

    Hope this helps!
  3. city4life

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    cheers for that and i will keep your suggestions in mind.
    i shouldn't have a problem with the screw being the wrong way round coz i'll have my 928 next to me to make sure.

    thanks again
  4. WoodenFlugel

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    I'd recommend you do this in a room with a hard, light coloured floor, then when the spring goes flying (and it will!!) you should at least be able to see where it went. :)

    This is a right sod of a job - I remember trying to do this once with my trusty old sov. it must've taken 1/2 an hour of pushing, pulling, fiddling, cajoling, swearing, and crawling round on my hands an knees looking for the spring before I got it back together properly.

    Or you could save all the grief and take it to your local music shop who I'm sure would be happy to do it for you in return for a couple of quid.