How To Buy Dick Evans' New Book!?

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Gavin, May 6, 2005.

  1. Gavin

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    The details on how to go about purchasing your copy of Richard Evans' book, "Dick the Stick", have now been made public on 4barsrest.

    The page you'll be looking for is:

    Any queries, just post them here and i'll answer them as best I can!

    (for those who don't fancy following the link, you can buy them at the Grand Shield from our Trade Stand tomorrow.)

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    and a fantastic read if I may say so

    Loads of great stories in typical Dick Evans style
  4. Midland CD

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    Book Signing at Walsall Library

    My Husband & I were lucky enough to go to a book signing at Walsall Library by Richard.

    He is certainly one of Banding's great chararcters! A great story-teller, with a wealth of
    interesting anecdotes. Well done Jen Beardsmore of Walsall Library for organising such
    an entertaining evening - not only a great talk by Richard but we were also treated to
    music by a Brass Ensemble from the Jackfield Band before the event.
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    I have to agree, a very interesting book from one of bandings great men.

    I already have the Peter Roberts book, which is great. Has anybody read David Read's book? Is it any good?
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    I found David Read's book very readable, and the passages about his time in the forces were interesting as, although he was there a little while before me, I recognised many of the places and situations.
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    Though of course slightly biased (!), all 3 of the books are great reads, but I think that Richard's book comes across as the most intimately written, for me anyway. His writing style is very engaging. Peter Roberts' is also similar in style, with David's being more of a 'historical' book, but all 3 are great reads, and owning copies of each of them, I can highly recommend them!
  8. bassinthebathroom

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    Just to let everyone know;

    Along with all their other great products, World of Brass will be the only traders at this weekend's British Open to be selling Richard Evans' Book 'Dick the Stick'.

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