How Often Does the Typical Brass Band Perform?

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  1. Being from the States, I've been in concert bands and community bands where 4 concerts a year was quite good. Are there booster programs for the bands that help in fundraising? If not, how do you keep yourselves afloat financially? Just curious questions from someone who has never seen or heard a live performance (but want to).

    Ken F.
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    In the bands I've played with it varies from 8 to 35+ gigs per year.
  3. HBB

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    we have a 2 jobs every weekend in June and July --- :(
  4. MRSH

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    Blimey :shock: :shock: :shock:

    And do you get a full band for all of them :?: :?:
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    At our AGM this week our secretary presented a breakdown of our engagements over the last five years. These break down as follows:
    1999 28
    2000 38
    2001 37
    2002 34
    2003 36

    Our engagements last year break down as follows:

    13 fee paying
    5 contests
    4 fee plus collection
    4 self-promoted fund raising events
    3 charity events, no fee
    2 collection only (at Christmas, I suspect)
    0 50:50 box office split split

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    Standard season for the National Capital Band runs from September through May.

    Band Retreat (rehearsal weekend) in September, usually first or second weekend of the month

    Concert weekend in the fall (typically Saturday festival, Sunday services)

    Christmas stuff:
    Christmas concert, usually first weekend in December
    Christmas carol sing event, in conjunction with other groups
    Radio broadcast on Christmas Eve, 12-20 minutes live radio

    Another concert weekend in the spring

    The concert weekends usually involve mild travel (2-4 hours) from Washington.

    We also try to schedule a spring concert (tomorrow, this year!) and most years we play a couple of outdoor concerts at various memorials in Washington (tomorrow, again, we're at the Franklin Roosevelt memorial in the afternoon).
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    We normally do about 3 concerts every month. with a lot in the summer, and a lot at christmas when we're out nearly every night of the weekend
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    Being a council band, we get asked to perform at nearly every major council event (opening of a new building, launching a new initiative blah blah etc etc....). The catch is they give us very little notice. As a result, because I cannot chase up even a small ensemble, I've turned down at least 4 performances overt the last 2 months alone!
  9. We do 3 free to attend open air jazz/big band themed concerts down by the beach, plus one or 2 pre-contest concerts, 2 contests, 4 or 5 marching gigs, about 10 or so standard brass band playouts around town. From time to time we do gala functions, corporate balls etc. with our 'showband' - basically just the normal brass band with added bass, keys and rhythm guitars, playing a bit of sinatra, general swing and also a few trad. brass band screamers.

    contesting is my performance highlight, it's what drives me to keep aiming to do a good performance.
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    As a Salvation Army band we play most Sunday evenings for the meeting, together with outreach activities 3 Sundays out of 4 - usually indoors in the winter, street-based activities when the weather is better. Most Sundays our contribution is one piece during the meeting, and music beforehand and afterwards, that may be hymn tunes or may be a more substantial piece, in addition to accompanying the congregational singing. On the last Sunday in the month we have a Songs of Praise night, which often will feature 3 or 4 band items, some of which may be solos.

    Acitivities away from the hall usually include one or two weekend visits to other Salvation Army centres, and a variable number of Saturday concerts, usually fairly local, and sometimes consisting of Last Night of the Proms style evenings. We are also asked to take part in various civic events, including the Mayor's annual carol service and the Armistice parade.
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    QUite a few are marching jobs .... so no. But most of the parks we do.
  12. Interesting. I am awed at the dedication and time you people devote to your craft. Anyone's marriage or relationship end, because you were 'out with the band?' Just curious.

    Ken F.
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    No, but there are some unhappy partners!
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    I know at least one person who's wound up divorced because of banding!
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    We do about 10-20 gigs a year, mostly self promoted and fairly decent sized ones as opposed to park jobs. By doing the promotion/organisation ourselves we dont need to do too many gigs as the turnover for one big gig is the same as several smaller ones. Just takes a bit more effort from the committee and players.