How not to give up?

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  1. Lloyd

    Lloyd Member

    Hi Alan,

    Lloyd here, John's son.

    I started to learn the cornet when I was aged 10 and did manage to take Grade I - and though I don't play anymore I at least managed to pass that. Dad says I was the one crawling around and making the noise in the BTM bandroom during a Sunday afternoon sectional rehearsal when you took them to the finals all those years ago!!!

    At the moment I don't intend to start playing again, but I am wondering what advice you might have for other youngsters (I am 15 now) so they won't quit playing and so they try to stick at it.

    OK, for me it was simply a case of losing interest in music and playing in general, as well as taking up other things such as Golf and Rugby. What would you suggest for other youngsters who may read this so that they actually keep playing and don't give up like I did?


  2. Ankanala

    Ankanala Member

    Hi Lloyd

    Yes I seem to remember the distraction in rehearsal at BTM all those years ago.

    I am very disappointed to hear that you have given up playing with a band, but your question based on your own experience is very pertinent to the future success of banding.

    I touched on this in another answer, but I do believe it is the responsibility of bands to make banding more accessible, interesting and socially active in order to keep young people involved. It is no longer sufficient to expect people to turn up to rehearsal twice a week and stay interested particularly young people. We should make it a social event and occasion to come to band, get on with everyone around, make friends and socialise together.

    Other things other than banding can be introduced, a pool table, dart-board, regular trips bowling and swimming as a group, days out, nights out, social evenings/discos, games nights, quizzes, sport events with other bands can all be organised to make band more like a youth club. Obviously band would be the main focal point of the organisation but it would attract people to the band and keep their interest from waning.

    Try to get interested again and find a band that will make things exciting, I am sure your Dad would help and be pleased to see you return.
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