How much support do you get...

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How much support does your authority give you?

  1. Lots - they support everything we do

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  2. Plenty - most of our events are given some support

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  3. They are there for us if needed

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  4. We could do with some more

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  5. None at all

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  1. WoodenFlugel

    WoodenFlugel Moderator Staff Member

    ...from your local authority?

    I'm asking this as my band has yet again been disappointed by our local council. We approached them (amongst others) for donations towards our trip to Harrogate in September and recieved (after a wait) an "application form" which is longer and much more complicated than the lottery form we succesfully filled in a few years ago. To add insult they also gave us just a week to fill this as the relevant committee sits bi-monthly. October's meeting would be after the finals, and they don't award grants retrospectively. All we were asking for was 50 quid towards the cost of the coach for the weekend.

    This is the latest in a long, long line of total apathy towards the band which has carried the name of Wigston for so long. Our centenery concert was supported by exactly no council members - despite us inviting the whole chamber. In fact only two members had the decency to respond to state their absence. The rows of "reserved for council members" seats at the concert were an embarrassment to both the band and the council. At that concert we were displaying a large and extensive collection of memorabilia from the last 100 years - photos of life in Wigston throughout the last century - not just to do with the band. We also asked them to help towards the cost of the room (about £150) and they flatly refused. Some thanks for carrying the name of Wigston for 100 years. We've had requests of help in finding a bandroom rejected when we were unexpectedly kicked out of our old room, refusals of grants for music to set up junior sections, in fact everything we have asked for in the last 15 years has been returned with a firm "no". We are not a freeloading band, we are proud to be self supporting, but anytime we have asked for help in any matter they have refused, to cap it all I know that other arts groups within the area get grants and assistance for any number of things.

    So to the point of this thread - how does your band fare? Is it just us or some larger trend that brass bands get less support than (say) a poetry society? I'm not just talking about financial support either - more a general relationship. Does your Mayor turn up for your concerts? Stuff like that. I'd be very interested to see your thoughts on this.

    How much support does your band recieve from your local authority?
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  2. JessopSmythe

    JessopSmythe Active Member

    Many years ago, we were awarded the right to wear the borough crest. Our band chairman is the sitting mayor of the borough. I don't think we have a problem getting council support;)
  3. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    Although we as a band don't generally receive any monetary support from the council they are usually happy to attend concerts when invited. We take part in the annual Civic Carol Service and have also done several concerts in aid of the Mayor's Charity, from which fund the Salvation Army as a whole has often benefitted for our local work.
  4. postie

    postie Member

    We also don't receive financial support as such. But we are in the fortunate position that a lot of the council's in the local area do put on Summer concert programmes every year. No real answer for a council that shows such little support to a band.
  5. michellegarbutt

    michellegarbutt Supporting Member

    We're quite lucky. Every band in County Durham gets a £500 maintainance grant from Durham County Council. Our local district council are also very good they guaruntee us against loss on concerts as well as printing tickets and posters for us
  6. BIG Paul

    BIG Paul Member

    Tameside council are very supportive of their local bands with a small annual grant, and larger grants to each band over the last three years, and promised again for the next three. The council also puts on concerts in the local parks and supports Whit Friday contests in a big way. They also put up prize money for the Tameside open contest and other contests later in the year. May they continue to support banding for many years to come.
  7. Charmed

    Charmed Active Member

    On past experience I have learnt to approach our local council (and others, ie, local businesses, although we don't get much, if any, support from them) as soon as we know we will be going to the National Finals. We too have to fill in a grant form for funding from our local Town Council and knowing how long it can take I applied in April ready for the Finals and for the past couple of years they have always managed to donate something.

    As an ex mining band, our Local Authority support us annually with a grant from their Heritage fund, without this we would have gone under many years ago, and we pray that it continues!
  8. satchmo shaz

    satchmo shaz Active Member

    yeah we are lucky too cos we get support, donations and well paid jobs from our local council. The band president is a local and county councillor too, so he works very hard for us behind the scenes. He gave us £750 for the finals in 2003 we also got some more from another councillors pot cos he badgered em :)
  9. madsaz

    madsaz Member

    I agree Tameside council are very supportive to Brass Bands - they are not so good at other things but banding they do support.

    We have plenty to be grateful for and I appreciate many local councils are not so good.
  10. WoodenFlugel

    WoodenFlugel Moderator Staff Member

    We did (pretty much) send the application in straight after we'd quailfied. But this is more than a financial thing. We do OK funding ourselves for most things, its just the occasional expense (sadly in the case of the finals very occasional :( ) we have to find extra money for. What really grates is the lack of any interest in our activities. For example the year before last we did a concert with an American band who were touring this country (Jericho Brass from Chatanooga) and again we asked if the council would like to be involved, once again no interest, in fact in that case no response at all. Not good really :rolleyes:

    Anyway - I mustn't let this thread turn into a WoodenFlugel soapbox :oops: thanks for the replies - in a way its good to see we're not the only ones, but I also find that quite a sad reflection of things that we aren't the only ones finding this apathy.