How much is Besson 600 Cornet BE622 worth?

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by 2007besson2052, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. I have a Besson 600 series cornet (about 7 years old but only used for 3, stored safely for last 4), in silver plate in very good condition (all slides move smoothly, one scratch and slight dink/bend in the bell which i'm sure could be pushed out very easily, hardly noticeable), case in perfect condition with perfect new Dennis Wick 2 piece cup mute and humes & berg straight stone lined mute. It has the mouthpiece that came with the instrument and a Dennis Wick mouthpiece.

    I play the Euphonium now so want to sell this instrument, 2 mutes and 2 mouthpieces. How much is it worth?! Everyone's view is welcome as I'm stuck and would like a good few opinions before i sell.
  2. eckyboy

    eckyboy Member

    Disregard the mutes and mouthpieces as they are honestly irrelevant and ask for £400
  3. super_sop

    super_sop Supporting Member

    If I'm right in thinking that the 600 series was the student range ( i may be wrong),
    you would be lucky to gett £400 for it.
    you can pick up a new 1000 range besson for £250, and second hand for much less.

    Why not try offering it to your local youth bands, if you want to sell it?
  4. I hope i will be able to sell it to a player at my local youth band. I agree, I don't think I paid much more than £450 when i bought it myself! I wanted to get an idea of what was a fair amount to advertise it for at the local youth band first. What do you think it's worth? It does have a good sound and doesn't look or play like a student instrument. Probably best described as intermediate level...!
  5. super_sop

    super_sop Supporting Member

    i picked up a besson 1000 (second hand) for £150
    there are usually one or two of these on ebay ( i couldn't find one today though!!)
    i would have said around the 150-175 mark. i personaly dont think you'll get much more especially with some (even slight) damage to it
  6. Yeah i agree with you, i was expecting about the £150 range. I think if i put it up for sale for £175 or even £200, I'm sure someone would be happy to bargin with me...! Thank you for your help. If anyone else has an opinion on the value, please still say!
  7. jasonG

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    The 600 model was the student model from a few years ago produced here in the UK. Although superseded by the besson 1000 which was produced in India, is a superior instrument in my opinion. If memory serves me well I think the RRP on a new one was around £500 as opposed to the besson 1000 which was only ever around half that.
    I reckon one in good condition these days ought to fetch around the £200 mark....
  8. Sounds good to me. I agree that the UK made ones are better than the India produced ones of more modern days...

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