How much is a B&H Imperial Tuba worth

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by nicholasbarrett, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. ronnie_the_lizard

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    Is it just 3 valve (looks like it, but difficult to assess when the item's only pictured with it's pants on)

    The imperials were extremely well built instruments, and in some ways they were 'built to last' far better than later sovereigns.

    However, there's not much point nowadays having a 3 valve BBb - a 3valve Eb can be useful for lightweight use for carolling etc but a 3 valve BBb is still too heavy to be nicely portable, but nolt versatile enough to get real low register. The narrow bore also limits the depth of sound you can get.

    I guess if it's 3 valve it's probably worth a few hundred, or if 4 valve perhaps even up as much as 1000-1500+ (a new 4 valve BBb would be around 6000; it would be larger bore, so bigger sound but harder to blow, but the Imp would probably be better basic engineering!).

    The soft case might have been better sold seperately - probably worth £50+ on its own.


    p.s. just seen the questions, and that it is 4 valves - in which case a damn good buy for someone after a 2nd hand BBb. Best of luck selling it. If I had some spare cash I'd be bidding!!
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    I think you can always tell if a BB has 4 valves from a distance, because it has a tube passing over the valves under the top (bell end ) bow.
    I could be wrong !

    - Wilkie
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    most tuba players dont have any money, they spend it all on booze, plastic mouthpieces and subscriptions to expensive websites. So if you want to sell it you will have to throw in a set of mutes and a price tag of a fiver.

    Alternatively, put it in the washing machine and make a euphonium!
  4. tojo

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    or use it to squash a sop lol

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