How many Brass Bands are there? (A bit of fun!)

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  1. A well known other brass band website has put its previews of the Midlands area on their site and as I am conducting a band at the area I decided to have a look at the 'runners and riders' and what chance they had given everyone in their magic prediction column.
    On looking at my band, an amusing typo had us ranked outside the top 2000! instead of the top 200.
    This got me thinking.... does it make us the worst band in the world??????
    I would guess that there are approx. 600 contesting bands in the uk? plus another 100 non contesting (Salvation Army included).
    The same on mainland Europe? with good representations in Holland, Belguim, Switzerland and Norway.
    A couple of hundred in America and Canada?
    A hundred in Australasia?
    50 to 100 in the far east (Singapore, and Japan I know have bands).

    Does anyone actually have a more educated picture to how many bands there are world wide and are there less than 2000? If so can my band be put in the Guiness book of records as the worst band in the world!!! :) Quite an achievement for a top section band!!!!

  2. StellaJohnson

    StellaJohnson Active Member

    There must be way more than 100 non contesting, I think I could name a dozen or so in the buxton high peak area alone.
  3. brownrob

    brownrob Member

    Id say there are more non contesting bands than contesting bands

    In my county alone there are about 4 contesting bands (albeit in Grade 4) and 6-7 non contesting bands, and we have a population of about 20-30k
  4. Ok I have completely underestimated the number of non competitive bands..... but still anyone any idea to how many bands in total?

  5. Despot

    Despot Member

    1000-1200 in the UK?? Think it was mentioned on either the old BFBB or registery site, I remember reading it a few years back.

    Think less than a third of all UK bands compete, but don't quote me on that!!
  6. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    There are just over 500 bands competing in the various areas this year and that probably only represents about a quarter of all UK bands once you've counted the ones that aren't entering this year then all the non-contesting/Salvation army/training/youth/school bands, so I'd say 1500-2000 in the UK.

    You can probably get a rough idea of how many bands compete in the US, Norway, Belgium, Holland, NZ, Australia etc etc from 4br and IBEW, and then you probably need to at least double that number too.
    You could also contact the 4br guys to see exactly how big their ranking list is - just because they only publish the top 200, I'd bet its much, much bigger than that.

    Happy counting!
  7. floppymute

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    OK, this answer is going to mark me down as the biggest saddo on Tmp.

    As recently as last Friday I had reason (commercially I must say in my own defence) to go through every band website listed on the IBEW site purely to see if the site was live or dead.
    On the assumption that a live website means a live band the figures are as follows ;
    Faroe Islands...2
    New Zealand.....29
    South Africa....1
    Making a total of 821 overseas more or less or completely British-style bands
    These figures do not include Salvation Army bands/sites and admittedly only give bands that have a web presence so there are undoubtedly more. The figure of only 6 for Ireland for example is probably more of an indication of a lower level of internet takeup in that country.

    I'm now going to lie down in a darkened room!:oops:
  8. Jan H

    Jan H Moderator Staff Member

    I think the number for Belgium is more like 40-50
    Also the Netherlands should have more bands. brass abnds are pretty popular in the North (Friesland/Groningen)

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