How many bands

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  1. marksmith

    marksmith Active Member

    How many bands?

    So, how many bands have you played for? Best/worst experiences. Has anyone been registered with more than 20 bands? Let's see your claims!
    How many of them have become extinct? Have you been registered with the same band several times? I am sure that there are many band nomads out there, I would love to hear of your experiences. :tup
  2. Rodney

    Rodney Member

    Geelong, Australia
    Hmmm...let's see, and this is my TOTAL playing career -
    1) Bristol - Fishponds Salvation Army....young peoples band
    2) Bristol Citadel Salvation Army........Ditto
    3) Gosport Salvation Army
    4) Camberwell Citadel Salvation Army........when I came to Australia
    A 25 year break from bands
    5) Geelong West Brass

    And my hi-lights have been -
    1) Playing 'The Holy War' with Camberwell sallys, about 1974 in the Great Hall of the Arts Centre in Melbourne.
    2) Winning the grade C Australian Nationals and Victorian State Championship with Geelong West in 2007

  3. Bones

    Bones Member

    21 bands at the last count.

    Been registered with 2 bands twice, THoresby and CMFC

    Does this make me a bad person :)
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  4. David Mann

    David Mann Member

    Athies, Pas de Calais, France
    As far as I can remember!

    1. Hollinwood SA (Still going as Failsworth SA)
    2. Moston & Beswick (Folded)
    3. Sandye (Non-contesting)
    4. Bedford Town
    5. Dunchurch
    6. Coventry CPA
    7. William Davis (Folded)
    8. West Midlands Fire Service (Non - contesting)
    9. Rigid Containers (One contest)
    10. Kibworth
    11. Dunchurch
    12. Enderby
    13. Dunchurch

    Highlights: winning the Grand Shield, Playing at the Menin Gate, Lord Mayor's Show and RAH. Lowlights: mostly area related! Won the top section area a couple of times but lots of disappointments other years.

    Still playing the same solo Mark?;)
  5. Chunky

    Chunky Active Member

    Nope just talented and obviously undercharging for your services ;)

    Ok since 1980 here goes.

    1. Cawston

    oh yeah thats it

    So compared to Bones I am talentless and over-charging!
  6. Di B

    Di B Member

    Dudley UK
    Here goes!

    Long Eaton - stayed for a 7-8 year spell
    Pleasley - mineworkers contest only
    Nottingham City Transport - 1-2 years
    Newstead - 1 year
    Daw Mill Colliery - pontins only (in my non-playing days!)
    Long Eaton again - but for area contest only this time (for Shaz on 2nd trombone!!)
    Matlock - 5 years
    Bestwood - Signed for one contest ended up being registered for a year while work took priority
    Drighlington - About 9 months - but travelling there has taken it's toll

    Not bad! 8 bands, one twice in about a 21 year history.

    Next..... tbc ;-)

    Highlights are winning the area, Butlins and pretty much every contest with Matlock (we were on a winning streak), playing at the Concert Hall Nottingham (love the venue!) for a concert with NCT, winning mineworkers first section with Newstead though I nearly missed the results because my boyfriend wanted to go on the 'big one' (if I had missed them we would never have got together!!).
    Also banding holidays - YABB and Kefalonia with Shirebrook particularly stand out :)
  7. Vectis Brass

    Vectis Brass New Member

    Isle Of Wight
    i am in 8 bands at the moment

    although some are wind bands as well as brass bands

  8. marksmith

    marksmith Active Member

    Not allowed to play 'The Cavalier' anymore, as the whole audience cohort of Great Britain have heard me play it and most adjudicators given me a prize on it, so it has served well. I just hope that someone plays it well at my funeral!
    In reply to Richard's comment, no mate, it is just a few people who enjoy pointing it out to bands when you apply to join - as I have been victim to over the years.
    In my case, I joined Press steel Fisher ( Castle Bromwich ) in 1972, as assistant to my friend and mentor David Gough. Since then, I have sat on the end chair for a few West Midlands, Leicestershire and Derbyshire bands, only lasting at Amington - 4 stints, and Coventry ( CPA etc ) also 4 stints, for extended stays.
    It is nothing personal to any of the bands, I have loved playing at Staffordshire, Ibstock and Snibston and Desford in particular, with wonderful memories at other bands I have played for. However, I do not travel well and find band politics tiresome and petty, thus my 'straight talking' is not to everyone's liking.
    I am now enjoying my time at Jaguar Coventry, a band I have also played for previously, in it's guise as Coventry Festival, where I was Solo-Euphonium under Bernard Northwood and the great Dick Arrand.
    Dave Lea now conducts the band and has taken it to great heights in the Midlands rankings. He has re-ignited a desire in me to play well, and I hope that after a forthcoming break for a small operation, I will be at Jaguar for the long-haul.
  9. on_castors

    on_castors Member

    Now there's something I relate to 100%....... and that's a RARE thing

  10. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    West Sussex
    I'm slightly worried that hardly any of the posted lists match the 'playing experience' ones you can hover over!
    <---- Mine is over there so I'm not typing it out again.

    My Best & worst experiences were both at LSC areas: best was probably getting through Tristan Encounters on solo horn in one piece; worst was having a trombone fall into 2 pieces when I put the mute in! :redface:
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2008
  11. Di B

    Di B Member

    Dudley UK
    I assume some have used discretion as I have - if I have played with a band for one contest I don't really consider it a band I have played with long term - all the long term ones where I considerd myself as a long term committed player to the band are down.
    Others may have put down all the bands they have helped in their hover section but have only been registered with a small number of bands.
  12. Daisy Duck

    Daisy Duck Member

    Sussex and London
    I've been a proper member of 2 brass bands:

    1. Mid Sussex Brass Band
    2. Battle Town Band

    I've played on an occasional basis with quite a few others.
  13. Bones

    Bones Member

    Valid point Di. I have listed everyone I have contested with as a signed member. There are others I have depped with for contests, which I have not listed.


  14. andybt1984

    andybt1984 Member

    Bands I have been a member of:-

    Delph Youth band
    Shaw Youth band
    Littleborough Pubic band (twice)
    Whitworth Vale and Healey band
    Greenfield band

    Bands I have helped out:-
    Annan Town
    Gawthorpe Youth
    Lostock Hall
    Besses O'th barn

    My highlights are mainly with Shaw youth as we had an amazing band at one point. Coming 2nd at the Youth championships was great as was coming in the top 3 at all 10 whit friday contests in the youth section which we entered one year. I also loved winning the youth quartets at Northop with our first performance ever on the piece which was great for a trombone quartet.
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2008
  15. marksmith

    marksmith Active Member

    One of my highlights was the W.D & H.O Wills contest finals in 1973, playing 'force of Destiny', with Pressed Steel Fisher band, conducted by John Bright.
    During my time at Amington, we won successive areas and went from 4th section to Championship in 5 years. Alan Morris was and is, a magnificent band trainer and I cannot understand why a West Midlands band does not snap him up.
    Winning the finals with Walsall Metropolitan in 1977 was also a proud day for me, I only wish that my dad could have lived 9 months longer to see it. It was also important for me as I had been told in the May of that year that my playing days may be over, after major lung surgery. What do they know? Here I am, 30+ years later, still making an acceptable noise!
  16. marksmith

    marksmith Active Member

    how many bands?

    In addition to my earlier question, how many bands have you had more than one stint at?
    I have been registered with Staffordshire/Walsall Metropolitan 4 times, Amington 4 times, Pressed Steel/City of Birmingham 3 times, City of Coventry/CPA 4 times, Coleshill twice, Ibstock twice, Coventry Festival/Jaguar twice, Sandwell twice etc. I like things to be familiar, it must reflect the insecurity in me!:oops:
  17. leisa

    leisa Active Member

    Wakefield, West Yorkshire
    I thought i had been registered with more than i actually have but...

    Yorkshire Coop
    Barnsley Building Society
    .........thats it until i get registered with Grange Moor.

    and the answer to your above question ive been back to skelmanthorpe and yorkshire coop twice each after i had left the first time, although i hadnt been in a band inbetween with skelmanthorpe but had with coop. And I still help flixton out whenever they need me.
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  18. SuperCat

    SuperCat Member

    Here's the order of my bands:

    Barnsley Building Society
    Hebden Bridge
    Old Silkstone (joined but didn't register and left after a few months)
    Hebden Bridge
    United Co-op Yorkshire
    Barnsley Building Society

    Highlights: playing in a joint concert with Black Dyke, playing Vienna Nights for the adjudicators as a preview for the 2006 British Open, winning Pontins with Barnsley.

    I think I'll leave the lowlights.
  19. Bass Trumpet

    Bass Trumpet Active Member

    Here are the bands I've been registered with:

    Manea Silver
    Somersham Town
    Snibston and Desford
    Manea again
    Crystal Palace
    Soham Comrades
    Travelsphere/GUS/Virtuosi GUS

    Not that many really.
  20. leisa

    leisa Active Member

    Wakefield, West Yorkshire
    Didn't know we were doing highlights and lowlights....

    Highlights: Going to austrlia, Helping YBS out in belgium, Alot of my time at Flixton, Doing joint concerts at school with Dyke, Leyland, YBS

    Lowlights: The past year. I was gutted barnsley didnt do well at areas as well, they deserved to.
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