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    ...does a registration last? Apologies, as I'm sure this question has been answered numerous times already but I tried searching and couldn't find anything that answered my specific question.

    I was registered with a championship section band, and they cancelled my card, so I'm assuming that's irrelevant. I'm helping out a fourth section band at a contest on Sunday (I thought it took longer than this to register for a band, hence the confusion!), but I thought that in order to be a borrowed player, one would have to belong to a band, and in the case of the fourth section, belonging to a band either in the third or fourth section?
    If this is correct (and it probably isn't so feel free to contradict!), I would need to register with the band just for one contest. I am hoping to join a championship section band shortly after the contest, how long would I have to wait before I could sign for them?

    I'm sure there's a much more cohesive and eloquent way of asking this question but I can't think of one so I'm afraid this is the best I can do!
    If anyone can give me any help that would be great!
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    It's not 100% clear, but it seems 12 months from date of registration, unless the band renews it's subscription (up to 40 players) for either 12 or 24 months.

    With your card being cancelled, then you would have to be registered with the new band. The rules state that once you join a new band, you cannot return to the previous one for a six month period.
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    I'm not an expert so check this before you act on it, but...

    Firstly, I presume you're referring to Fleetwood? In which case you would need to be registered with the band you're playing with (or any other 4th/3rd section band, I think?) in order to have a card to present before going on stage - you can't play as an unregistered player.

    As far as I know there'a a rule about only being allowed to sign for two bands in any 6 month period. So if your previous band registration was still active after April, you might have to wait a while to formally "sign" for your new band - however, as a temporary measure you could be "borrowed" from the 4th section band holding your registration for any contests your new band want you to play in.

    All of which goes to show what a bloomin' faff this whole registration thing is. :mad:

    Best of luck on Sunday; assuming it's Fleetwood I'll be there splitting notes on the back row with Middleton.:rolleyes:
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    Get the 4th section band to cancel your card so you can join another band as a new registration/new player or just tranfer after the contest
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    If you were cancelled for a band and another band signs you up immediately, then you will need to wait 6 months before you transfer BACK to your first band.
    You may Transfer (or get cancelled and resigned for another band) only twice in a year.
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    Assuming you're talking about the British Brass Band Registry...?
    either until it is cancelled, transferred or the band fails to pay for its annual/biannual renewal.
    if your old band cancelled your card, you will have to register with the 4th section band to play with them - this can be done in the last week before the contest now.
    If you then wanted to register with a different band, you have two choices:-
    ~4th section band cancels your card, new band submits a new registration.
    ~ join a new band, then transfer your registration from the 4th section band. This has to be done 4 weeks before you need your registration to be valid.

    The only thing to consider is that you can only make two 'moves' within 12 months. You also can't return to a band you've previously been registered with for a period of 6 months since your original registration was cancelled or transferred. Imo its generally better to stay registered with someone if you can as it makes life easier if/when you want to move or help another band out.

    Full rules are here
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    So in short, to answer your original question. As long as you have only been registered for one band in the last 12 months, you will not have any problems signing for a 4th section band for this weekend and then immediately signing to another band (as long as you are not resigning to your original band.)
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    Just to add, for a contest this Sunday the secretary of the band you're intending to play with needs to get on with registering you with them, sharpish. The registry are pretty accommodating about last minute requests but the sooner you get the ball rolling, the surer you'll be of getting all the paperwork done in time.
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    Thanks a lot for all your replies! Just to clear things up, I won't be returning to the band I already left, but hopefully to a new band. I just wanted to check that I wouldn't be tied down to the band I will be helping out for too long.
    I also have one more question - I can't for the life of me remember whether I transferred to my last band (let's call this band 2) from the band before that (band 1), or if my registration was cancelled.
    Assuming it was cancelled when I left band 1 in September, and I signed for band 2 in December, and I then help out band 3 in October, under the 'maximum of two transfers/moves in a year' rule, I would be free to join band 4 whenever I liked?

    Or not

  12. Accidental

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    have a look at the chunk of the rules brassneck has posted - ANY new registration, transfer or cancellation/new registration counts as a move (unless you cancel and immediately re-register with the same band) so what happened to your card between bands 1 & 2 doesn't change things.

    Not sure from your eg. wether you meant September 07 or 08?
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    My advice is go to the man who knows - Colin Johnson, Registrar at British Brass Band Registry.
    He is most helpful and if you give him your information he is the person to tell you when you will be eligible to join another band.
    Contact details: Colin Johnson 01226 779136 email:
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    Thank yooou!
    Oh and Accidental, I meant Sep 07 :) thanks for all the help!
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    I don't think so. We had this a couple of years ago getting someone registered for the areas, and I'm 99% sure they look at the last 12 months before now, so joining band 2 in December counts as move 1, registering with band 3 counts as move 2, and you wouldn't be able to register with anyone else before December. I think!

    Its not the end of the world though - if you stayed registered with band 3, then band 4 would still have the option to borrow you for most contests, and there's plenty of time to do a transfer or cancel/new reg before any contests from January onwards. Blossom's right though, if need to confirm then your best bet is to ask Colin! He's very friendly and really helpful, so give him a ring.