How Far???

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Rodney, May 18, 2008.

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    I intend visiting mt Dad - who lives in Fareham in Hampshire - in 2010.....some time off at the moment but I'm starting to make some plans.

    I would love to play in the Whit Friday competition, should I find a band willing to have me that is.

    How far is it from Fareham to the area where they hold this great comp??? Also, how long will it take to get there??? I reckon we should book somewhere to stay, well in advance. Would I be correct?? Any recomendations??

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    how far

    hello or should i say G'day. My daughter lives in Fareham which 100mlsand is a one and half hour drive from Banbury, Oxon. I drove up to Oldham (which is very near the whit fri area) in 2 1/2 hours(not including break time) So to area of Whit fri walks is 250 miles so should take you about 4hours, from fareham but you need a good break, i suggest you drive up thurs evening, I am sure you will find a band to play for, and nearer the time a possible lift, just keep in touch and am sure i can give you more info nearer the time, good luck:tup
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    G'Day Dave mate - is that better :)

    About 250 miles should be cool - or perhaps I'm just used to driving bigger distances here than in the UK. Our band is doing a comp in two week-ends time and we all make our own way there because it's only about 250 Km away. That's something like 150 or 160 miles, so I am still a bit short of Fareham to Saddleworth, but it gives me an idea of the distance.

    Thanks for that.