How far would you go?

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    Just been listening to Nick Childs being interviewed after the Open. Apparently, the average distance that players travel to Black Dyke rehearsals is 150 miles and, in the 21 days up to and including the open, the band were together for 18 of them.

    In the words of the poet, **** that for a game of soldiers!
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    A long, long way

    When I played with the Sun Life Band (then Stanshawe) in 1977 I was working in Amsterdam for 6 months and used to travel from Amsterdam to Bristol at least twice a week for rehearsal. I would get a flight from Skipol airport at 5.30 pm to Bristol and then fly back the next morning. The band were always grateful for the "duty frees" that were ordered!!!!
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    To play with Black Dyke I would travel from Denmark to Queenbury 18 times a week just to wear that uniform... Mr. Childs is a very lucky man to have a band so commited.

    I have been to their bandroom in Queenbury twice and its just magical to be there. Has anyone read the poem hanging on the wall infront of the md´s stand ?

    "Commitment and loyalty is the key,
    read the Black Dyke poem and you´ll see.... "
    JL 2006
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  4. For my level at 4th section. half hour max to rehearsal. In the unlikely event of being any higher than third section, it would depend if I still teach, whether who I am living with is more understanding than now etc. as to how far I would travel on a regular basis. I can understand the miles travelled by members of top section bands though, if music and banding means as much to them as it does to me and they have understanding people at home.
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    Anyone would be as committed as they are if you got paid the amount of money they get paid. ;)
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    Money is always the wrong motivation when it comes to music.. I get paid to conduct my band, but I don´t do it for the money although Im a professionel musician... To me its a lifestyle... :)
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    I do a 200 mile round trip now to band. Sometimes it can take us up to 3hrs to get there. and we don't get back till after midnight, but it's definately worth it when i get there! :biggrin:
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    Well its all about commitment.
    I travel 2 times a week 50,mile round trip when its contests 3/4 times a week.
    Some years ago i used to play with Telford Band with Super Roger Thorne (Solo Horn) and at same time play with Newhall Band the total for the week was 240 miles for both bands i never got paid a penny and also did all jobs for both bands when ever i could.
    I have also had some tution from Mr N Childs as well and used to travel from Walsall (West Midlands) once a month 100 miles(50 miles each way up M6 on thursday) to Fodens Bandroom in Sanbach (Sandbach High School) for half hour which i knew was well worth it to have half hour with a great player of his time and what a tremendous amount i learned from him in that time as well.
    Many Thanks Nick for your time during that period i will never for get it:clap: