How far did you travel to the area ?

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    just tryin to work out which bands had the longest/most miles trip to take part in the areas ?
  2. MoominDave

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    The longest straight line distances BBR has for bands attending each of the areas in 2015 are

    Jersey Premier Brass (L&SC) - 205 mi
    Alder Valley Brass (WoE) - 132 mi
    Stranraer Brass (Scot) - 120 mi
    Rhyl Silver (Wales) - 119 mi
    Kingsway Printers Cleethorpes (NoE) - 105 mi
    Skegness Silver (Mid) - 88 mi
    Douglas Town (NW) - 63 mi
    Dinnington Colliery (Yorks) - 37 mi

    Now those are as the crow flies, not journey distances or travelling times - but I'd be surprised if any band out this year beats JPB on any of those measures.
  3. Fedman

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    How about Tewkesbury (WoE) 138 miles? Crazy area boundaries that make Alder Valley compete in the WoE because they moved bandrooms just down the road! Tewkesbury is just 2 miles from competing in the Midlands.
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  5. MoominDave

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    Looking at journey times and road distances, Stranraer aren't the furthest attendees in Scotland - Campbeltown travel 159 mi / 4 h in comparison to their 145 mi / 3h. I remember once trying to drive down the Mull of Kintyre and giving up halfway... Rubbish rubbish roads.

    Not many places in the UK are further from their regional contest. Leaving aside Northern Ireland, whose bands are eligible to compete in the NW but never do, the only places that top 4h journey are various places in North Wales (Anglesey, Lleyn, and a little patch around Llandudno), the Isle of Wight (from Torquay), and a wide arc of Scotland that runs from the Mull of Kintyre across the middle of the country intersecting the East coast as far North as Caithness; very few bands lie beyond this - the Pentland Brass Band in Thurso, and the Kirkwall and Lerwick Town Bands in Orkney and Shetland respectively, none of whom have ever, so far as I'm aware, attended any contest anywhere. And of course, the Channel Islands, supplying our winner above, JPB.
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    From the bandroom... 2.6 miles.
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    From the band room to stevenage-105 miles
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    After checking on Google maps... 0.4 miles!! (Northern Region - home to The Gala Theatre, Durham,)
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    I take it this is not a serious forum sssoooo!!!
    About 8miles to the band room from home and under 50 miles to Blackpool but it may differ if I played for a band a very few miles south east ish and had to travel to Yorkshire or the Midlands areas. What is the point of this question?
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    Brunel travel 138 miles to the area contest in Torquay. Stevenage, Bedworth and Swansea are closer.
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    It would be interesting to see what the numbers for each region would be if bands simply went to their nearest contest. Would save the bands a lot of money, but then when has sense and cost ever been of concern to the powers that be.
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    Is it really that crazy? There are bands near the borders of every region who are arguably better placed to play in a different one, but there has to be some way of dividing the regions and so far noone has managed to come up with a better system than following defined County borders.

    I do think there's a strong argument for some flexibility though - eg. allowing bands based within a certain mileage of a County/Regional border to play in the Region whose competition is closest. Only Kapitol could change the current rules though.
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    There lies the sticking point. :(

    TBH though had a very enjoyable time at WoE contest, was made to feel very welcome and the organisers were very helpful and friendly, as were the other bands, thank you to you all! :clap::clap:
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    142 miles from home to the Brangwyn Hall in Swansea. Took over 4 hours through the Welsh mountains down really poor roads. A very tiring route so we travel down the day before, stay 2 nights in a hotel returning home on the Sunday (usually with a terrible hangover). I think it's about time the Welsh Regional Council seriously looks at the idea of moving the contest around regularly, rather than once in every blue moon for refurb of the Swansea venue.