How does your band find music?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by alanl58, Jul 16, 2008.

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    I am prompted by another thread "Brass bands most favourite pieces" to beg the question "where can I buy that piece of music"?

    When another player or band says that a piece is "well within a 4th Section Band", or "this is the most moving piece since nineteen hundred and frozen to death" I will do a little Google research to see how it sounds and whether it might fit our repertoire.

    But frequently - well more often than not - the search does not reveal either a publisher or a retailer, so where does your band go for your reference data of composer, arranger, publisher, retailer? Is there a comprehensive database of brass music? If not, why not?

    Should TmP lead the way and establish a non commercial database of music, leaving the searcher to only find a retailer?


    PS I was looking for a retailer Wilby's arrangement of St Clement!
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    Yes, but you try them and they do not have it (as in the Wilby example), where next?

    alanl58 - I must go to bed earlier!
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    Is it out of stock, as they show it as available?

    I tried to trace the publisher, but with no success :-?
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    If you look at the front of the score as per the second message you will see that it is published by Kirkless Music of Brighouse
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    Ok, so suppose the piece of music is not on the usual stockists lists - and I certainly would not have the score to look at, otherwise I would not have posed the question (but thanks for the info about St Clements).

    Indeed these generous replies entirely illustrate my point:

    Where can you find the names of publishers and suppliers when the "usual" sources such as Just Music or SA publishing etc do not stock them? Is there a database somewhere with this information?

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    I am actually currently working on a new website venture (see my footer) to try and help resolve some of this problem. It is a fair way off at this time, looking to launch before the end of this summer (not even live on the web yet) but hopefully with the publishers, composers/arrangers and banding communities help we can solve this problem.

    If anyone is interested in being involved with this let me know, the more the merrier.
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    What about a music shop? Band Supplies in Leeds, Banks in York - just seen your from Cornwall - Trevada? - spring to mind and are always worth a visit and you can happily look through the scores and parts for hours. There must be other decent music shops in elsewhere.

    Every contest I've been to usually has a trade stand of various companies and they have vast selections of music to look at. Not all answers can be found on the internet.
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    That sounds a good idea Mic. Not sure what help I could be, but let me know if you think of Owt. I suppose one problem you might encounter is that a fair bit of what is considered fairly current repertoire must surely be out of print by now - although I bet a surprising amount of yellow music is still available.

    As per the Wilby piece, the information you received may have become a little confused. As far as I recall (only having played it twice) it's not entitled St Clement - even though that's the hymn tune it's based on. As far as I know it's actually called "The Day Thou Gavest," after the words of the hymn. (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.)
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    Cheers Andy.. you know I will be in touch ;)

    I do believe you are right on that one, written for Geof Whitam and Hammond Sauceworks. Bit of a git for a tired ol' Euph player like me at the end of a concert, but stunningly good in the right hands! :)
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    What about Kirklees Music?