How do you tell a Boy from a Girl???

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  1. Hello,

    Strange question for the rehearsal room, you may think...

    However, during Emley's Gala Concert this evening, MD Ploughboy congratulated the young girl in the audience who won the raffle... Only She was a He!!

    Boys with long hair eh? Whatever next?

    2MD couldn't contain his laughter...

    Poor kid will probably be at the barbers at 9 o'clock on Monday morning!

  2. This is a topic you really should not get me started on! I don't get the whole "fashion" thing going on for blokes with long hair, it's SO not attractive... they may aswell be wearing a dress and high heels too, because they clearly want to look female! It's the same the other way round though aswell, lasses with really short hair, stuck to their heads with gel, it's just not right. If you were born a bloke, you have short hair, if you were born female, you have long hair! Surely these people don't WANT to be mistaken for the opposite sex, do they?!
  3. ploughboy

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    now the poor boy? in question was probably about 12-14, big brown eyes and long ("girlie") hair. It was a innocent mistake, i wanted the floor just to open up and swallow me!!! But I had to battle on bravely with most of the band ****ing themsleves around the stand.


    p.s. anyone want a compere's job??????
  4. "She" was probably one of these emo people.. who think it's reeeeally cool to look like a girl!
  5. brassneck

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    I have moved this thread to here as it is a more suitable place ... wonder if the raffle winner was a horn player? ;)
  6. TheMusicMan

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    Talking of which... did any one see Emo on Eight out of Ten Cats the other day? what a superstar, he's so weird.
  7. ian perks

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    he was probably a cross dresser:biggrin:
  8. Is that him with the long curly hair and the weird voice by any chance?!
  9. 2nd man down

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    Ha ha!!! This had to be one of the funniest moments of my life!! Poor garry was dying on his a*se trying to think of a way of salvaging the situation, the rest of us were creased up!!

    Respect boss, you soldiered onlike the true bingo caller you are, and the way you handled it, I'm sure not too many of the audience noticed!!

    (Yeah... right!! :biggrin: ) :rolleyes:

    On a serious note, we had a few deps in who need to be thanked, Glyn on Eb Bass (formerly of Hepworth Band), Kevin Hallas on Bass trom, Tim Sidwell on percussion (what a class act again) and "the_special-one" on sop. Thanks guys, you were all brilliant.

    Not least of all, special thanks must go to Michael Howley (Principal Euphonium with Brighouse and Rastrick Band) who was our guest soloist for the evening. He took time away from his own bands 150 years celebration to be with us, and was absolutely superb.
    He played 4 solo's for us;
    Carnival Cocktail, Macushla, Le Cygne - taken from the Carnival of the Animals and La Belle Américaine, all of which were top drawer performances and were met with rapturous applause by the packed church.
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    What do you think of this?

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  11. Matt Lawson

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    It wasn't just the front row laughing, I was filling in on 3rd Cornet and it was as hilarious back there.

    Hard luck Garry, but I don't blame you for saying it... I didn't realise what the comotion was about until I looked, and sure enough, it looked like a girl.;)

    Never mind!
  12. JDH

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    This rather reminds me of a band I played in many years ago where there was a cornet player who I never doubted was a male with butch walk, rather deep voice, short hair and they always wore trousers. I won't mention their name, in case they are reading this, but they also had one of those names that can be used for boys or girls.

    It was only after I had been with the band two years, that the said player turned up for band in a skirt and I at last realised that he was a girl :-?
  13. sugarandspice

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    Ha! thats made my day! Well done gary! :)

    Classroom experience has shown be the best solution to this would be, if in doubt, get a kid to ask the person in question weather it is indeed male or female! kid's will ask anything and dont seem to ge embarassed, and you get the answer you need. there you go, problem solved!

    Possibly tho at the next emley raffle when handing out tickets audience members could also be handed a big blue "M" or pink "F" to hold up should then win, just to prevent any further embarassement on garys part?!......just a suggestion?!!
  14. bigmamabadger

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    When I was a lot younger and skinnier I was occasionally mistaken for a boy. Most notably by a guard at Birmingham New Street who seemed to think I was also a terrorist.
    It's not a nice experience, you're all very mean and I hope you all come back in your next life as women...:tongue:
  15. When i was about 9, for some strange reason i wanted all my hair cutting off. Now with my cool new "do" i was taken to the cinema to see back to the future 2, with my dad and my cousin. Only to be told "the girl's not old enough, but the "boy" is!". i was so distraught, scarred me for life and will now never cut it short again.
    So garry, hope you feel really bad for that, but if he has long hair its his own fault. and take some comfort in the fact that it probably happens alot to him!