How do you fill your concert diary?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by glitzy, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. glitzy

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    Hi guys, first post!
    just wondering how fellow bands manage to keep a good calendar of events for their band? Is it a case of repeating jobs year after year, or do you get asked to do a lot of concerts, how do you go about promoting your own band concerts? Obviously we all need the coffers to keep on running, just wondering how you all go about it!


    Glitzy :p
  2. Hello,

    All of the above!

    We have quite a few jobs, for which we are re-booked year on year, often whilst we are there playing. We have the odd one where we are booked for several years hence.

    Enquiries for new jobs are considered and prices quoted. As with most things, price varies from band to band, and its always difficult to judge what the enquirer is likely to be willing to pay. You will of course find that if you are cheap, you'll be busy! That's not to say good bands can't command a good fee and remain busy either...

    Where one person or organisation organises a series of concerts, you need to contact them - Wetherby Bandstand Trust, Leeds Leisure Services, York Council for instance...

    For our own concerts, we have friends in the town who display posters and sell tickets through their shops, and indeed use any trophies we might win in their window displays etc... We find it's always best to sell tickets up front to guarantee people will turn up. If they are going to buy on the door, and for example, something exciting happens in Coronation Street, they may well miss the concert!! Bad weather can be an issue too, especially for Christmas concerts.

    Our secretary has built up a good relationship with the local newspaper, and they seem willing to help with publicity for the band from time to time. We recently had a photographer along to a rehearsal followed by a full page spread...

    Every little helps!

  3. 1alexm

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    im not sure on how we get our engagements.
    all i know is that we look for contests that we could compete in, some jobs we get at the engagements the previous year, sometimes we do the first concert for free, and charge them the next time they want us, sometimes we get jobs given by other bands that are unable to attend to the concert (for example, our name is passed on by the band they wanted to do the job).
  4. WoodenFlugel

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    Hi Glitzy and :hi to tMP!

    We tend to get the same jobs every year, but we do get the occasional new one come in (say 1-3 a year). The new enquiries tend to be from people wanting to book us because they've heard us somewhere else, or becasue of our reputation, or from our website. We do our own Christmas concert, and sometimes a Summer Concert too, depending on how busy we are during the summer months. This is promoted quite heavily in our local press etc, but I feel the best way to fill a hall for a concert is to play a damn good concert the year before!! ;)

    I think the best way to promote yourselves is to:
    1) Always try be professional in the way you look and play to your best, regardless of how awful the job might be. You never know who is listening and watching.
    2) (Especially for formal concerts) Gauge your programme to be entertaining to the audience. An evening of test-pieces, however challenging and interesting for the band will not endear you to an audience. However in the context of a light concert, a couple of "serious" pieces for band, explained properly by the compare will work.
    3) Be pro-active. Know any concert venues locally? Ring them!
    4) Get yourselves a really good website. I'm always surprised when I see the stats for my bands website, and more importantly the number of 1st time hits we get.

    I hope this helps in some way.
  5. glitzy

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    Thank you for your help so far..a few questions now!

    I'm wondering, do any bands on here use music agents to arrange concerts for them? Or has anyone had any experience with agents, is it worth it?

    I'm very interested in finding out how bands manage to keep a concert diary that not only keeps them afloat financially, but also keeps them alert and interested musically.
    I understand we all have to do the odd 'cheesy' concert now and then, I have certainly done a few.

    How do you get involved in a 'season' or maybe an event in a local town hall or theatre? Is it as easy as ringing them up and arranging a date?

    If anyone has had experience in self generating concerts from start to finish...I would love to hear your advice!

  6. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    re self promoted concerts.

    I know Roger organises a concert each year with wem band where he books a class band to play in wems 'local' venue. last year was B&R if I remember correctly, and was a huge success.

    He'll reply here I'm sure...
  7. Liz Courts

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    St Agnes do the same concerts year after year mostly. The majority are based in or around St Agnes (carol services around Christmas, and annual village/school/church fetes in summer). We've always played on the same dates outside Sainsbury's (although someone else took Christmas Eve this year :mad:), and always do the same carnivals.

    The annual engagements tend take up most weekends, however we're often asked to do concerts we haven't done before, put on our own concert if we have a chance, and do some charity concerts, so the diary is full year after year! :)

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