How can we celebrate a player's 60th year with the same band?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Nuh Bell, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. Nuh Bell

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    Can anybody help? Our Eb Bass player will be celebrating his 60th year with the band this summer and I want to do something special to celebrate this achievement. Does anyone have any good ideas? I thought about trying to get a piece commissioned for him, but not sure how to go about it. A couple of years ago we did a concert for someone else's 70th year, (well, people don't move around much in Devon)where lots of old faces got together, but it would be nice to do something different this time.

    Help!! Such amazing commitment deserves something special.
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  2. Rapier

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    Buy him a Baritone? :D
  3. SuperMosh

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    May be worth contacting will the sec on here. He seems to be able to cobble a tune together.

    Failing that, why not hold a concert for him where he thinks he is playing but is actually guest of honour?

    Or buy him a watch.
  4. johnmartin

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    A transfer form :)

    Seriously though, congratulations.
  5. Anno Draconis

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    Good idea, a 60 year commitment definitely seems like something that should be commemorated.

    Blackley commissioned a march from Darrol Barry a few years ago to commemorate their late President, it's since been published and they played it at Whit Friday last year. I could imagine any player being pretty chuffed to play "their" march at Delph or Greenfield!

    There are plenty of composers on tMP you could contact. Philip Sparke (Anglo Music Press), Darrol Barry (Flashbarry) and Peter Meechan (petermeechanmusic?) are all members, as well as some "less famous" names who have had music published like William "Will the Sec" Elsom-Darchiasvili (hope I spelled that right), Benjamin "HBB" Tubb, Mike Lyons, Iain "Bassinthebathroom?" McKnight and others. (and me, a bit)
    I'm sure a quick pm to any of these would give you an idea of costs and timescales. I know from experience that guys like Darrol Barry generally have a lot on at any given time, so you should ideally get the ball rolling soon.
  6. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member

    Depends what your budget is ;)

    Speaking of which, I've still not heard anything about your stuff - I'll give them a prod.
  7. Tub Thumper

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    Funnily enough, my band did a concert the weekend before last to celebrate our MD and his brother being in the band for over 60 years. However, rather than making it a run of the mill concert, they picked all the music which showed some of the changes in both the band and banding in general over the the last 60 years and it included the first march/ hymn/ selection they remembered playing with the band through music which had impressed/ inspired them over the years up to music we play now. We did the concert in a local church where they have multimedia projectors etc so we were able to put together a slide show of pictures of them and the band through the years. All in all, it was great success (it sold out about a week in advance!) and a good time was had by all.
  8. Anno Draconis

    Anno Draconis Well-Known Member

    Cheers, Keith! Good point about the budget - I don't know for certain, but I imagine that composers of the calibre of Sparke and Barry would want getting on for £200-250 per minute of music. So a standard brass band march would cost in the region of £600-£750?

    I'm sure more knowledgeable people than me will correct me if I'm wrong; maybe the best thing to do would be to contact someone and ask!

    Another possibility might be to mark the player's commitment by getting a trophy/shield made in the player's name, and present it to your "Bandsman of the Year" or "Player of the Year" every year from now on.
  9. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member

    It certainly does depend on who you ask, but your numbers are probably about right. When I spoke to Pete Meechan for my NABBC talk, one of his criteria was that he's always open to negotiation so it's definitely worth asking the question....I've just commissioned a piece off him and you're not a million miles away.
  10. Will the Sec

    Will the Sec Active Member

    If Sidmouth doesn't already have its own march, commission one, and then have it dedicated to Harold. PM me if you're interested - no strings attached (and it might be that I'd recommend you to someone else anyway).
  11. Nuh Bell

    Nuh Bell Member

    Thanks everyone for the help so far -keep 'em coming!

    Fiona x
  12. jonesbp

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    This is a great idea, He obviously has been very commited to the band to stay for 60 years, Having a trophy in his name makes him an official part of the bands history and encourages players of the future. Perhaps give the trophy to the player who has closest to 100% attendance over the course of the year.
  13. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    As I don't know the player concerned, he may or may not be a collector of memorabilia. If he's not an obsessive hoarder of programmes etc, it would be good to put together a sort of "this is your life" compendium of his life with the band. This could be linked with the idea above of significant music played during his tenure.
  14. flashbarry

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    I am negotiable, we realise that bands of different sections have different requirements and budgets and can work around that. Incidentally I have also recently completed another march as a memorial to a lady from Trinity Girls Brass Band entitled 'Trinity'.

    Feel free to pm me or email me on and we can have a chat about your requirements.

  15. Nuh Bell

    Nuh Bell Member

    "Feel free to pm me or email me on and we can have a chat about your requirements"

    That's really spooky - just as I sent you an email, I had a message saying that you had replied to the original post!

    Thanks again everyone for the help. I like the idea of a trophy, but we already have two cups named after former players, so it wouldn't seem that original. I think I am going to go ahead with getting a piece written for him - thanks for the composers people have suggested. I'll let you know the outcome.
  16. WoodenFlugel

    WoodenFlugel Moderator Staff Member

    Speaking of This Is Your Life, provided you have time to organise this, and are able to round up a significant number of your former players, you could do a full This Is Your Life style presentation to him.

    It would take a fair bit of sorting out, and you need somebody capable of carrying the Eamonn Andrews / Michael Aspel role. You also need enough surprise guests with good anecdotes to fill half an hour or so, as well as plenty of interesting photos to show. The climax of the evening could be the current band playing the piece you've just had commissioned for the occasion. As I say, lots of work, but I've seen this done and it can be a really great way of saying thanks.
  17. persins

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    My first thought was a tongue in cheek post saying "60 years service... Thanks, but you have completed your sentence!" followed by the retirement forms!!

    I think the other ideas on here are better though!!