House Viewings - The Fun Way

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by sunny_jimbob, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. sunny_jimbob

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    My mate is going to view a house tonight, and he wants ideas to make it a bit more entertaining for the seller. He doesn't want to do anything too over the top to make the seller think he's not serious, but he doesn't want to walk round saying that every room is "nice and bright and modern". Ideas?

    He's already turned down my suggestion of taking a stuffed cat, shutting himself in a bedroom, making crashing and meowing noises and then coming out and saying that the room is too small.
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  2. SuperMosh

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    How about this?

    Get your mate to take a newspaper with him and then go to the loo. When he comes out a while later (making appropriate noises is optional), get him to pat the seller on the shoulder and say 'I'd give it half hour if I was you mate'
  3. Bungle

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    As a person who is currently trying to sell their house, I wouldn't find it very entertaining as the seller. We have to spend time tidying the house before every viewing, making arrangements for the kids to be looked after. I would suggest to your mate to stop and think, this person maybe trying to sell their house to be closer to a terminally ill relative.

    Sorry if it sounds like I have had a sense of humour failure but selling a house is stressful. I have one further week to sell our house, before a house we want to buy as a private sale goes on the open market.:cry:
  4. Rapier

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    I agree. If someone wanted to 'entertain' me when I was selling my house, I'd tell them to clear off and complain to the estate agent about the idiot!
  5. sunny_jimbob

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    Actually, I'm in a similar situation - our house is on the market as we need to move into a bungalow because my wife's nan (we live with her grandparents) needs a hip replacement and wants a place with no stairs, so I understand your comments.
  6. SuperMosh

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    How about a less sensitive issue then...

    How can a seller make it more entertaining for the buyer then?

    My suggestion - when your prospective buyer comes along, give a tour around your prepped house - doors which fall off, massive holes in the floor, obvious marks of trouble etc, newspaper cuttings, ASBO certificate on wall etc etc
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