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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by MRSH, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. MRSH

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    Hi People

    Due to certain circumstances I will not now be going to the Finals in Harrogate.

    I booked a Double Room at the Old Swan Hotel for the two nights of 24th and 25th September and obviously now won't be needing this. If I cancel I will be charged a cancellation fee :mad:.

    The total cost for two nights, for two people, bed and breakfast in a non-smoking room is £238.00.

    The hotel is ¼ mile from the Conference Centre.


    If anyone wants to purchase this from me please pm me. But please be quick - I have to either sell it on or cancel the booking by Saturday 27th August to only be charged the minimum cancellation fee.



    PS to Mods - I really didn't know the right place for this so please feel free to move if need be. :tup
  2. Straightmute

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    It's a very nice hotel! If I didn't live even closer to the HIC I'd buy it off you Matthew. Thoroughly recommended!

  3. dyl

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    I guess 'Buy & Sell' makes more sense. Hope you manage to sell it!