Horowitz euph concerto

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  1. Red Elvis

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    I have an old recording of this played by Black Dyke , made some years ago - I'm ashamed to say I can't remember the name of the soloist !!

    Has it been recorded lately by anyone of note , and if so , what CD is it on ?
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    Not that recent, but Steven Mead recorded it on Joseph Horovitz Music for Brass Band.
    Robert Childs also did it on Prestige.
    Didn't mention if earlier as we had it down on our spreadsheet as Concerto for Euphonium rather than Euphonium Concerto.
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  3. WorldofBrass.com

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    It's Robert Childs if it is the Dyke disc called Concerto that you have.
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    Robert Childs??????????

    Latest version I found was once again Robert Childs, and can be found at http://www.doyen-recordings.co.uk/catalogue/index.htm?Submit2=Go+to+Catalogue

    Thought you were mega busy at work :eek:
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    48 minutes and counting
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    The first recording of this piece (Trevor Groom/GUS) took the first movement considerably quicker than the metronome mark (crotchet 72 I think). I vaguely recall that the composer was less than happy about that.

    Then came the Bob Childs version which took the first movement at the marked speed, and it sounds dreadfully sluggish. In addition, there are times in this recording when the soloist and band appear to be on different planets, ensemble-wise.

    Then came the Steven Mead version played at a quicker speed than the metronome mark - but this time conducted by the composer! So presumably Horovitz had second thoughts (or Mead was particularly persuasive). This, in my opinion, is the best version available - except for one extraordinary lapse of taste at the end of the first movement when the soloist inexplicably takes the final low D down an octave into the pedals - and which unfortunately he doesn't centre immediately. Still a good performance though.

    Just my three euros worth.
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    B.E- I've got a couple of versions of this on my iPod, you can have a listen to sometime!
  10. PeterBale

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    Another recording which is worth a listen if you ever get the chance is by Robin taylor, accompanied by Grimethorpe, and conducted by the composer. cd is entitled simply Euphonium and was recorded by Huntcliff recording services, HRSCD 310. Very lyrical reading, and the cd as a whole is first class (Curnow Symphonic Variants, Jacob Fantasia and Bowen's Euphonium Music are the other items).

    If you spot one on ebay, well worth bidding for ;)
  11. Red Elvis

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    I'd have thought after you accompanied me in that monumental rendition of the first two movements I gave at Manningtree all those years back you'd have had enough!!